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September Greetings from Bradley

The sun is beaming into my home office this morning. We are lucky because it has shone so brightly during most of the summer. After Labour Day when it decided to hide, I must admit I wasn’t a fan of the dark and gloomy skies. I’m glad the sunshine has returned once again.

I’m pleased that many of you have been following my daily Facebook posts. Thank you so much for keeping in touch. Hopefully you agree that I’ve stumbled across some wonderful Ontario treasures that are perfect day trip stops. During this “no travel” period we must be thankful that we can hop in our car and explore locally. These are troubling times and in order for our neighbourhood businesses to survive we need to support them. I know many of you have followed my lead and have enjoyed many of my “recommended” Ontario treasures.

Typically, Saturday is the day when Mom and I hit the road. We’ve really enjoyed spending this time together. Usually I have a route researched and all planned out but sometimes the destination is a mystery for both of us. Mom told me she is amazed with how many different routes I’ve come up with over the summer but I’ve been planning travel routes for decades – its just a little different when they are so close to home.

Of course like many of you, I long for the day when I can once again explore the world, board an aircraft, a motor coach, relax at a 5 star resort, cruise the oceans, relive history, savour local specialities and tap my toes while listening to live music. We all wonder when those days will return.

This week I was invited to be part of a virtual Norway Travel Convention. Over two days I experienced back to back, 20 minute appointments with Norwegian Travel suppliers. I made some wonderful new contacts and even though I have visited Norway many times in the past, I learned so much more about their beautiful country- a favourite of mine. Most importantly I realized after talking with so many Norwegians that they are experiencing the same COVID worries and issues that we are. There is plenty of “space” in Norway due to their small population and vast landscapes. In their remote rural areas there hasn’t been a single COVID case but they have still experienced the devastating effects of closed borders and no tourism.

I listen to many “experts” but let’s admit, no one knows how quickly tourism is going to recover. Scientists and medical professionals are busy devising technologies and tests so we can once again safely explore the world but how long is this going to take?

In the meantime let’s be responsible citizens. Support those who are struggling. Follow the rules because “possibly” the rules will help us get out of this COVID mess much quicker.

During this downtime I’ve been very busy planning a number of exciting and unique Domestic and International boutique travel experiences. When the time is right I’m ready to share them with you.

Some of you have been asking how my book is coming along. I’ve been very busy writing it so its progressing extremely well. Its wonderful reliving travel memories.

Currently our Canadian Government has asked us to “avoid non-essential travel outside Canada” so let’s embrace the upcoming Canadian fall and winter. When it is safe the world will be anxious to welcome us back and we will appreciate the luxury of being able to travel even more than we have in the past.

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