Travel With Bradley

Travel With Bradley

The Pioneer Woman Celebrates Her Nan

During my upcoming February 2019 Texas Tour we’ll travel into Oklahoma to visit the Pioneer Woman Mercantile which is owned by Ree and Ladd Drummond.  Chances are you have tried Ree’s recipes or have watched her hit television show on the Food Network.

Ree Drummond is a gem of a farm girl.  She is obsessed with butter, Basset Hounds and Ethel Merman.    Ree raises her family on a ranch outside of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.  

Her television show documents daily life as a ranch wife and mother.  This down home country gal’s blog attracts 22 million monthly views.  Ree’s television show and blog focuses on food, living on the ranch and family.  

A couple days ago Ree emailed a blog post to her loyal followers letting them know that her upcoming television show would be “A Different Kind of Show”…..

Although her Mother-In-Law’s situation with cancer was terminal the family did not expect her end to come so quickly.  They had just started filming a block of television shows at their ranch when she suddenly passed.   After much pondering they decided to continue with the television taping in order to “Celebrate Nan”.

This was a sad show to watch.  The “Celebrating Nan” episode shows us a loving family and friends struggling to get through a tough time.  We can all relate.  Country Folk came together to beautify the cemetery which is located on their ranch and Nan’s favourite food and recipes were prepared.  The show truly “Celebrated Nan” and even though I never met “Nan” I felt that I knew her a bit after watching the show.  

Ree wrote that her family could have filmed their television shows pretending this didn’t happen or they could show what was really going on in their lives.   She decided to take the real route and I admire her for that.

I’m sure you will agree that writing about this is an odd way for me to highlight an upcoming tour but after watching the “Celebrating Nan” television episode I am even more anxious to show you the community where the Pioneer Woman lives with her family.  

Ree’s children often work at the family-run Mercantile.  They are sometimes the ones that bring out the sticky buns (served in a coast iron skillet) or the Southern Mac and Cheese.  

Everyone has a story.  The Pioneer Woman has found a way to share her story with all of us.  

You’ll have a great time if you decide to join me on this Texas Tour February 13-20, 2019. 

See you aboard!

Details – Sunday Aug 26th Travel Shows!

Tomorrow many of you will be travelling to the Walters Theatre for the annual,  “Travel With Bradley” Travel shows. GPS Address – 836074 Hubbard Road, Blandford-Blenheim

The email confirmation that was sent to you last week confirms which showtime you booked –





Your reserved tickets will be available at the theatre entrance under your last name.

If you didn’t RSVP in advance and would like to attend one of tomorrows travel shows there will be a handful of complimentary tickets available at the door for each show.  Over 700 people have RSVP’d.

Please try to arrive no sooner than 30 minutes before your scheduled show time in order for us to easily accommodate traffic flow and parking.

If you are wondering where you can grab a casual bite to eat either before or after the shows here are my recommendations –

6 minutes from the theatre

Innerkip Highlands Golf Club – the closest good option to the theatre – 805940 Oxford Road 29, Innerkip, ON – 519-469-3924 – offers a casual dining experience (burgers, fish n chips, sandwiches, salads)  in their restaurant – dining room offers a beautiful view overlooking the golf course

12 minutes from the theatre

Jims Lunch – 28 Oxford 2, Princeton, ON 519-458-4444 – small country diner that has been serving good home-made food for decades – when I was a young boy my Grandmother would give me handfuls of coins so I could treat myself to one of their freshly scooped butterscotch sundaes!

16 minutes from the theatre

Quehl’s Restaurant – 33 Woodstock Street S., Tavistock ON 519-655-2835 – Quehl’s is our official caterer at the “Walters Theatre” – they will be serving their delicious brunch and dinner buffets at their restaurant in Tavistock tomorrow  – there is Main Street road construction in Tavistock so just follow their restaurant signs which will guide you to their restaurants back entrance

17 minutes from the theatre

Adam Brenner’s “The Garden Stand” – 90 Wilmot St, New Hamburg – 519-390-0808 – This is a “To Go” Gourmet Food Shop – where you can purchase fresh and frozen gourmet meals, wonderful dips, dressings, salads – I always leave with an armful of goodies – Sundays hours are 10am – 4pm

27 minutes from the theatre

Camp 31 – 22 Paris Rd, Paris, ON – 519-442-3560 – they serve the best BBQ around


I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at one of the shows!

I can’t wait for you to see my NEW, “Travel With Bradley” brochure – it looks GREAT!

If you are unable to attend the show tomorrow the NEW travel itineraries will be upload to the “Travel With Bradley” website sometime later in the week – some journeys will only accommodate a small number of passengers so I expect they will sell-out quickly.

Drive safe.



Your Grandkids Will LOVE It!

I promised my nephew Schyler that I would take him out for dinner tonight.

I drove him to, “Louie’s Pizza and Pasta” which is located in Ingersoll, ON.

When we arrived their very large parking lot was PACKED and the restaurant entrance was full of patrons hoping to nab a table.  We waited 40 minutes to be seated and during that time there was a steady stream of customers arriving to pick-up take out orders.  This sort of “out-of-the-way” restaurant has a big following.

You may recall the Canadian television show, “You Gotta Eat Here” – this restaurant was featured on that Food Network show.  Host, “John Calucci” ate their signature giant panzerotti.   Schyler and I noticed that a good majority of those eating in the restaurant tonight ordered them too.

Schyler enjoyed the “Grilled Dagwood” – salami, ham and turkey with cheddar and garlic chive cheese – grilled on marble rye bread – topped with chipotle mayo.  I was happy to see a “Baked” and not fried Chicken Parmesan choice on the menu.  They hand pound the chicken breast and bread it – topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella – served on a bed of spaghetti with even more parmesan – yes, a pile of carbs!

Portions are massive.  I noticed at least 80 percent of the patrons request take-out containers.  I needed one too – only ate 1/2 of what was on my plate and I was stuffed.  Schyler had no problem finishing the large sandwich and fresh cut fries!

I asked Schyler if he would order the same thing again.  He said “yes” but added that he would try something different first because there are a number of items on the menu that appeal to him.

Service was attentive and friendly.

My entree tasted ok and that was fine because I picked this restaurant knowing it would appeal to my nephew and I was right.  I’m sure if you take your Grandchildren to “Louis’s Pizza and Pasta” they will be just as pleased as Schyler.








Sailing Back to Rome

This weekend they are calling for record breaking temperatures in much of Europe – into the mid 40’sC.  Many homes don’t have AC so locals will head to the water and there is a fear of increased drownings.  We set up heat shelters in Canada but although I am not positive I don’t believe they are set up in Europe – at least nothing is mentioned on the news.

I prefer the European newscast because you learn what is going on throughout the world – at home US news makes the headlines and International News is very secondary.   On the ship they air BBC and SkyNews.  This morning there was not a mention of American politics – a refreshing change.


Today we visited the sleepy town of Katakolon.  This is the Gateway to Olympia, the location of the original Olympic Games.  It was a very hot temp day so most of my passengers enjoyed roaming around the town where there are 2 main streets of shops and a variety of tavernas on the sea shore.  The population here is only around 600 people.  My Canadian Greek friend tells me this area produces excellent olive oil.

A few of my passengers said this was their favourite port because its so laid back and they would like to come back and for a week stay.

Tomorrow is a day at sea and we will arrive back in Rome on Sunday.  We’ll gather for a farewell group luncheon in the dining room and its the final Chefs Table Dinner for my passengers that haven’t experienced it yet.

I’m very impressed with the “Jewel of the Seas”.  I picked this cruise mainly because of the itinerary.  Although I expected the ship to be very good it has exceeded my expectations.

I chatted with a couple that have been on 90 cruises and this is their favourite ship.  I can best describe it as a small ship with a big attitude – it can stand on its own.  The balcony staterooms are a little smaller than most of the newer ships but there is more than enough room.  The staff has been excellent.  It’s one of the friendliest crews I have ever experienced.  I saw that Royal Caribbean awarded them with a “Best Staff Fleet Wide” award which is quite an honor as Royal Caribbean has a large number of ships in their fleet.  The staff is a happy one so they must be treated well.

The menus in the main dining room are extensive – with so many excellent choices its hard to decide what to order. 

Today on the lunch buffet there were a number of seafood choices including jumbo fried shrimp,scallops and a variety of shell fish – you don’t often see buffet items like these on cruise ships.

Its easy to navigate around this vessel and everyone liked that.  Its much smaller than the new norm but it still has much to offer – certainly enough for any travelers needs.  There are so many activities offered throughout the day and  there is a cinema (don’t find them on newer ships).  There is plenty of entertainment choices in the evenings –  many music styles  – even heard country music last night.   While soaking in the pool you can enjoy a movie on the big outdoor screen.  

Three speciality restaurants are plenty for this size of ship – and there is the Chefs Table for very special events.  

WIFI connection is expensive but it works better than any other ship I have been on.  This new system is now found on all the Royal Caribbean ships.  I purchased the upgraded faster plan so I could upload pictures to my blog.  It worked 85% of the time which is a huge improvement to past cruises.  I expect other cruise lines will now be upgrading their systems.  On this cruise the younger generation are all on their mobile devices and they are going to pay the cost  no matter how much it is to be connected.

Toiletries in the staterooms are very basic.  Expect a bar of soap and a dispenser of liquid soap in the shower – no hair conditioner etc – next time I sail on Royal Caribbean I’ll pack my own product.  

There is a fee if you order room service.  Due to cost you won’t find lobster on the menu in the main dining room. 

I found the shops on board to be pretty dismal but typically I don’t find the shops on cruise ships to be very good.

This sailing has attracted many multi-generation family groups.  The dining room can easily accommodate families with large tables.  Europeans like to travel with extended family members – I think that is terrific.  I was concerned when I saw how many children are on this cruise but there is ample security and lifeguards at the pools to keep a watch on them.

I don’t think we’ll forget the 2 senior aged sisters that we all thought were twins.  They are American living in 2 different States.  They dress identical when they are together.  Every time I see them they are wearing new outlets – everything matches right down to the accessories (hats, purses, jewelry)

My passengers have been wonderful and we’ve enjoyed time together.  I’d like to thank them for Traveling With Bradley.  Having to split my passengers  into 3 intimate groups for the Chefs Table gave me the opportunity to spend quality time with everyone.  The Chef Table was certainly a great surprise that everyone has really enjoyed – its a culinary experience that would be hard to replicate at home.  

With so many families on board they have stuck together so I haven’t met as many travelers as I usually do on cruises but I enjoyed some conversations with a friendly couple from Sydney, Australia.  There are very few singles on board this sailing.  The itinerary has attracted passengers from all over the World.  Its a nice change being on a cruise that isn’t filled with North American passengers.

We are currently sailing back to Rome.  A driver and coach will transfer us to the Rome airport and we’ll fly Air Canada back to Toronto.  Many of my passengers will overnight at the Airport Hilton on our arrival but I’ll head home. 

Monday I’ll be back at the Walters Theatre to welcome our patrons.  I’m looking forward to the Kenny Rogers Tribute Show.  It’ll be another busy sold out week.

Don’t forget August 26th is my annual travel show.  Hoping to see you there!

Athens – Chefs Dinner – Mykonos – WOW!

I just arrived on the Island of Mykonos, Greece.  I took the first tender from the ship.  Its just 8am so none of the stores are open yet.  It’s windy as usual on this island But that makes it comfortable for roaming around on a summer day.

This is my favourite Greece cruise port because its so authentic.  This morning around the harbour the local gentleman are sitting enjoying their strong coffee while overlooking the sea.  They will be getting together before the tourists appear.  I’m sure they have solved some of the World problems today.

The locals are so friendly here.  I have already chatted with a couple of them.  The tender boat assistant told me where his favourite Greek restaurant is located.  They all have their favourites – probably owned by friends.

Yesterday my group spent the afternoon touring Athens.  We we in awe with all the tourist sites.  There are 5 million people living in Athens. 

Mykonos is the exact opposite – few residence and a very peaceful atmosphere.

Some of you emailed me wondering  if we saw any of the damage caused by the recent fires near Athens.  We were a distance from that area so no.  The air quality is back to normal too.  They claim those fires that killed many were deliberately set – very sad.

I’m good friends with an older Greek man who lives in Toronto.  His World revolves around Greece.  In his book everything is the best in Greece.  I always get a kick out of him.  He is not unusual.  Greeks love their country.

I warned my passengers that they would get lost walking around Mykonos.  I’ve already got confused a few times and I’ve visited here many times.  The town is a maze of narrow passageways and  all look the same – white washed buildings are everywhere with blue and red accents.  First thing in the morning the ladies are busy washing everything  – streets, buildings, floors, clothes – this island sparkles because of them.  Miniature delivery trucks can get down the streets with just a couple inches to spare.  Tourists need to get out of the way as there is not room for both.

I did eventually arrive at the famous windmills.  Some of them are under repair but they are truly the symbol of Mykonos.  I have already walked into 8 churches – there are so many of them in the town core.  They are all tiny and unique.  Some would only hold a couple people.

As I was walking around I must have looked like I knew what I was doing because other travelers started following me hoping I would lead them around the right corner.

The fun thing about Mykonos is by walking through this maze you get to see how the locals live. 

This is a very special destination in my books.  I love it more every time I visit.

I came across the same bench that Mom and I sat on the last time the two of us were here.  If she was here it would have been a perfect day!

Typically when on a cruise I don’t dine in the ports of call but I had a craving for Greek food today.  A trustworthy shop owner (wife is from Barrie ON) told me to eat at Niko’s Taverna so I took his advise.  It doesn’t offer a sea view but its a very traditional Greek taverna which has been in business for over 50 years.  You can walk into the kitchen and see todays specials.

I started with a traditional Greek Salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, olives, green peppers with a thick slice of feta cheese and oregano on top).  The typical Greek Salad has no lettuce.  My waiter recommended one of the daily specials – direct from the oven – chicken stuffed with mykonos cheese accompanied by roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes.  The chicken was so tender and moist.  The vegetables – pepper, eggplant, carrots, potatoes etc were so hot I had to let them cool down a bit before eating them.  Very delicious.  I highly recommend you try this restaurant when you visit Mykonos.  Price wise its more reasonable than one on the water – with a large bottle of water my bill was around $36.00 Canadian.

Shopping – its a mixed bag on Mykonos – certainly some very expensive things – a store owner tried to sell me a 1600 Euro pair of running shoes….  I did find some well priced items too.

Soon it will be time for my 2nd group of passengers to enjoy the “Jewel of The Seas Chef Dinner”.  What an amazing experience we had last night – a welcome glass of champagne – 6 courses – 6 glasses of wine – a dessert martini – 3 hour culinary event.  I’m treated them all – with service fee tip etc it works out to around 100. USD – in comparison to what you would pay at home its certainly a fair price for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You should be here!

Santorini, Greece = Romance

Santorini, Greece = Romance

For most of us we started our day on the “Jewel of the Seas” with “Tuesday Brunch” in the Tides Dining Room.  The chefs put out quite the spread.  When we walked in the dining room the wait staff surprised us with a glass of champagne.  There was a number of shrimp choices so I was very happy – garlic, chilled, even shrimp with scrambled eggs.  With so many entree choices  it was impossible to sample a portion of what they prepared –  there were also many desserts and a chocolate fountain…. Everything was delicious – we were all so impressed!

At 12:30pm my passengers gathered in the Baltic Conference Room where 2 wonderful reps from the cruise staff met us.  They made things so easy for us.  We were escorted through the crews quarters (always interesting to see) and directly on a tender boat to the shore of the island of Santorini.  This was a huge bonus for my passengers.  There was a long line of passengers waiting to pick up tender tickets first thing in the morning but we didn’t need to be concerned about that.  The biggest complaint I heard from “other” passengers was they had a LONG wait to get off the ship – not us – we were the first ones off – for sure this was a major “Travel With Bradley” perk.

There were a number of cruise ships in port today – Costa, MSC, Celebrity Constellation plus our ship so we were lucky that we only had a 15 minute wait before getting on the cable car (6 Euro each way – terrific money maker)  that took us to a famous Santorini village situated on the side of the cliff.   There are 2 other options to reach the top – 597 stairs or a donkey – the ships staff discouraged both but I still saw many people doing both.   Once we arrived in the beautiful, unique white washed building town my passengers scattered.  Some found a taverna and admired the scenery while others including me “shopped”!  The majority of the store owners told me that although cruise traffic is on the increase, overall the cruise passengers aren’t spending so they aren’t having a great year but a few of the shop owners were happy to see me and some of my passengers!

Since the town is built on a cliff, if you are staying in one of the many hotels you’ll need to be careful which one you choose or you could be transiting up and down a number of steep steps.  For those of us visiting for the day the shopping and restaurant district has next to no stairs – its simple to navigate.  A cruise is the perfect and most economical way to visit Santorini.  

The view from the island of Santorini looking over the sea is indescribable – just spectacular – very romantic!  I’ve visited Santorini a number of times and the view continues to amaze me every time.

Tonight, I decided to try one of the Speciality Restaurants on board called Izumi.  It specializes in Japanese Food.  I was the first customer of the evening so I was showered with great service.  The food they prepare is delicious.   I enjoyed grilling seafood on a 575F hot plate.  This restaurant menu is al la carte.  Its a nice alternative to other restaurants on board but I feel the cost is just too expensive for me to recommend to my passengers.

Hope you enjoy my Santorini pictures!

The World Passes By – It’s A Sea Day

My passengers enjoyed a very relaxing day at sea.  I was awake good and early – enjoyed the views from my stateroom balcony and then met a number of my passengers in the Tides dining room for a delicious breakfast.

We were all taking pictures during the very scenic transit of the Messina Strait (Sicily).  A pilot was brought on board to guide the “Jewel of the Seas” as this narrow passage is loaded with Ferry Boats.  I was wishing we could have docked in Sicily so we could have  ordered some Italian pizzas to go!  

The majority of my passengers gathered for lunch in the Ships Main Dining Room – Tides.  They sat us at a couple prime large tables with sea views.  I made a new friends when one of our waiters learned that I bring groups to Bali as its his home.  He has extended his work contract so he can perfecting time a very special Bali ceremony that takes place every 100 years.  Ceremonies are an important way of life in Bali.

I’m a fan of the massive salad bar that Royal Caribbean sets up in their main dining room during lunch.  You let the  chef know the items you wish in your salad and he puts them in a stainless bowl – he then chops all of your selected ingredients into smaller pieces and mixes in your dressing choice.  He then plates the salad in a bowl.  They also offer a luncheon pasta bar and there were a large variety of cupcakes to pick from for dessert.  A large selection menu was also available.

The outdoor decks were packed with sun worshipers – it was a spectacular weather day – 84F.  

We gathered late in the day for my hosted group cocktail party in a panoramic lounge with a spectacular view of the open decks.  Everyone arrived dressed up – looked terrific. My passengers enjoy mingling with one another so this was certainly a social event.  Its Grace’s 85th Birthday so my cocktail party turned into her birthday party.

Tomorrow we arrive in Santorini.  There will be FIVE cruise ships visiting this small island so I expect it will be a very lively spot!

Farewell Rome – Hello “Jewel of the Seas”

My passengers reported that they slept really well last night.  

Our checked luggage was ready for pick-up at 7am and then we enjoyed breakfast on the hotels comfortable outdoor patio overlooking beautiful garden.  We were offered an European breakfast buffet (cheese, bread, cold meats, cereal, fruit) with a few North American selections (eggs/bacon).   I chuckled when I saw the many self-serve coffee machines we could use – they were lined up one after another – strong Italian coffee is the norm.  Our local guide explained that an American coffee chain could never survive in Italy so they don’t even attempt to open them.

At 830am we started our city tour of Rome.

Our guide told us that her home has air conditioning but she has to decide what is most important because she can only run one thing at a time or will trip the breakers.  So if she is going to iron or turn on the oven, the AC needs to be turned off.  She said this is typical for most Italian homeowners.  

I estimate that 90% of the vehicles on the road are sub-compact.  A “Smart” car is one of the most expensive small cars you can buy and is considered a “status symbol”.  

We enjoyed seeing the most impressive Rome tourist attractions.  

I treated everyone to the Italian delicacy – Gelato as a “morning” treat!

We arrived at the cruise pier in decent time.  The check-in procedure was well organized and quick.  The staff was friendly.  There were a number of ships in port – NCL Spirit and European line cruise ships represented by MSC and P&O.  

When we boarded the Royal Caribbean, “Jewel of the Seas” around 1pm our staterooms were ready so we were able to drop off our carry-on luggage (nice bonus).  We didn’t need to wait very long for our checked luggage to arrive at our balcony stateroom door.  I was impressed!

I spent a great deal of the afternoon in meetings with ship staff.  In turn I was able to arrange a few more perks for my passengers – I’m excited that we’ll skip the passenger lines as we won’t need tender tickets for Santorini.    I even surprised myself when I was able to arrange that!  In a couple of days we’ll arrive in Santorini early in the afternoon – almost everyone on the ship is going to want to get off as soon as possible.   My passengers don’t need to worry at all – we will be meeting in the conference room and we will be ushered to a tender boat – VIP treatment!

As another perk I’ve included the “Chef Table” experience for all of my passengers.  This is the most exclusive dining evening on-board the Jewel of the Seas (85pp + 18% service) for a 6-course gourmet experience.    The Chef’s Table is a very intimate affair so I needed to split my passengers into 3 smaller groups and they’ll dine over 3 evenings.

I arrived at the ships welcome luncheon buffet a few minutes before close but had  enjoy enough time to enjoy the salad bar with some “Jack Daniels” chicken.  The chef was slicing Prime Rib and for those who enjoy a bit of spice there was a massive pan of jambalaya – looked impressive.  There was certainly a big choice of quality items to choose from.  

Its summer holidays so there are a number of family’s on board.  The majority of the guests are from the UK – there are 255 Canadians amongst us so we are in good company.

Before the sail-away there was the mandatory life boat drill.  It was also very well organized.

The maitre-de in the Tides dining room did a great job organizing my passengers at tables of 6 and 4.  The waiters will therefore quickly learn everyone’s preferences.  Tonights main dining dinner menu offered an excellent choice of selections.  Most of my passengers ordered the prime rib as their main course.

The NCL Spirit is sailing next to us.  During the night her lights glistened off the water.  The seas are so calm so it feels like we aren’t moving….

Tomorrow we can look forward to a relaxing day at sea as we continue to sail towards Greece.

A Terrific Day In ROME

Yesterday I arrived at Toronto Pearson way ahead of when I was to meet my passengers but to my surprise many of them were already waiting for me!   The lead Air Canada staff member I dealt with was exceptional to work with.  The airport was crazy busy – reminded me of the Christmas holiday season.  Luckily my passengers were given priority over those who were waiting in ridiculous long lines to check in for their flights.  I was able to usher my passengers past those lines and right up to the counters.  In no time we were all checked in!  My passengers were very happy,

I then worried when we arrived at the Premium Lounge (a Travel With Bradley perk) as they were filled to capacity and there was a long line of people waiting to get in (I had never experienced that before).  Their staff knew to expect us so they had “reserved” seats arranged for us – we avoided another line!  My passengers all enjoy delicious entrees and a variety of beverages before boarding the flight to Rome.

There was a weight balance problem with the Air Canada 777 aircraft  so it was an hour late taking off.  The plane was filled to capacity.  Service was very good.  In flight food was mediocre at best.  We ran across sone turbulence during the dinner service so they had to wait until the skies calmed down before they could continue.  One of the flight attendants children were on the flight.  It was the first time they had flown so it was fun watching their interactions with their Dad who was so proud.

Most of my passengers enjoyed a decent rest during the flight.

By the time we cleared customs in Rome and retrieved our luggage we were way behind schedule.

The quaint luncheon restaurant management (just a 2 minute walk from the Vatican) luckily agreed to hold our reservation and serve us quickly.  Their staff did a wonderful job.  We enjoyed a delicious meal – nice appetizer plate, pasta in a scrumptious tomato sauce, fresh salad, flaky delicate dessert all washed down with included local wine.

Luckily the crowds at the Vatican Museum were smaller than I have ever seen so although we were forced to walk along with the masses of people it was possible to actually stop to take pictures.

The highlight for most of my passengers was spending time in the Sistine Chapel – just amazing,

Our overnight hotel is very grand.  The chandeliers in the ornate hotel rooms certainly add to the special atmosphere,

The beautiful setting for my “Welcome To Rome” dinner was perfect and the meal exceptional – peppered pasta, lemon chicken cutlets, perfectly cooked potatoes and melt in your mouth tiramisu,  The Italian wines were tasty too!

Sadly almost all of the local shops were closed by the time we finished our meal but the gelato stands are open and they are doing a brisk business this evening,  I just couldn’t resist a small pistachio – so good – so much better than what we find at home.

Its 1045pm so after this full day I’m off to bed!  I’m probably as zonked as my passengers.

We have enjoyed a terrific first day.  Tomorrow we will continue to tour around Rome before boarding a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship enroute to Greece.

Can’t wait!




Sunday ”Ontario Mennonite Country” Drive

Yesterdays rain didn’t stop Mom and I.  We were anxious to head out on our Sunday morning drive no matter what the weather was like.

We decided to travel to Wellesley and then continued to Arthur, Ontario.

Our 9:30am – 10:00am timing in the heart of Mennonite Country was perfect.  There were so many Old Order Mennonite buggies on the road, it was almost parade like.   We saw at least 50 of them!   Most of the covered buggies (probably they were using the covered ones because of the rain) were pulled by a 2 horse hitch.  The majority of these buggies were large with at least 3 rows of seating.

We also passed a couple very Conservative Mennonite churches where members are allowed to drive cars but they must be black so every vehicle in these church parking lots were black.

Early in the 20th century these Old Order/Conservative Mennonites began using automobiles instead of horses and buggies.  As you can imagine that caused a great deal of tension within the Old Order congregations.

It is estimated that there are approx 4000 Old Order Mennonite and 1000 Old Order Amish living in this area.  The first language among members is Pennsylvania German.

Unfortunately we were unable to purchase any of their farm products because it was Sunday so their businesses are closed.  In this beautiful,  rural area you can find Blacksmith Shops, Buggy Repair Shops, Home Baking/Bulk Food Stores, Shoe Repair and Furniture Shops.

You can easily spot an Old Order Mennonite home because often the roofs on these homes are painted green.  This time of year their pristine gardens are filled with colourful flowers.

The next time you start out on a Sunday drive consider visiting the Mennonite/Amish communities of Ontario.  Just make sure you time it as well as we did in order to see the Sunday “Parade of Horses and Buggies”!


Tourism News From Nashville Tennessee

Those of you that follow me on Facebook know that I met with a group of my tourism friends from Nashville, TN earlier this week.  We had a wonderful visit.  

Since many of you have traveled to Nashville with me over the years I thought you’d be interested in learning some of the latest tourism news from Music City.  For the latest real gossipy Nashville news you’ll need to ask me personally!  

1. Grand Ole Opry

This radio show continues to attract massive crowds.  They are considering adding their current running Tuesday night performances year round.  Wednesday night summer performances have also been added.  So over the summer the Opry has performance 4 times a week!

Charley Pride is the country artist who will be performing at the upcoming Grand Ole Opry’s birthday celebrations.  

2. New Opry Retail Space

A new oversize gift shop is under construction at the Opry House.  It should be completed by the time my group visits in November.

3. Ole Red

This is a new downtown restaurant (3rd and Broadway) themed after Country Singer, Blake Sheldon’s “Ole Red” song.   Its owned by Ryman Hospitality Properties – not Blake Sheldon.  This massive restaurant holds 1200 people over 5 stories.  You can expect non-stop live entertainment here.  There are plans to open another location in Pigeon Forge, TN.    There is a phone on the top floor dedication to Blake Sheldon.  He calls in periodically so patrons can speak to him and ask him questions.  

4. Opryland Hotel 

Their newest construction project is a massive 3 level water park that is scheduled to open Dec 1.  It will require a separate admission cost and if I understand correctly you need to be a hotel guest to use it.  I doubt the water park will attract tour groups but should entice more family’s to stay at the Opryland Hotel.

Country Superstar, Trace Adkins will be the headliner at this Christmas Seasons Dinner Show at the Opryland Hotel.  My group will be seeing his Christmas production in November.  Can’t Wait!

5. Five Thousand More Hotel Rooms

Nashville has blossomed into one of the top tourist destination in the USA but that has created a major problem including a lack of hotel rooms to meet the demand.  There is currently a number of new hotels being built which will add 5000 more rooms.  The hope is the addition of these new hotel rooms will moderate hotel room prices throughout the city.  Currently Nashville  hotel rooms are going for a very pricey dollar!

6. Country Music Hall of Fame

Their newest state-of-the-art display highlights the careers of Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings.  

7. The Music Of Nashville

This is a new show in town that celebrates Country Music.  Its location is at the Texas Troubadour Theatre, Music Valley, Nashville.  There have been many shows in this theatre over the years.  This new one is getting very good reviews.  

8. Ray Stevens CabaRay Showroom

Ray Stevens theatre has finally opened to rave reviews.  His show promises to be excellent and I am hearing positive things about the pre-show meal.  You’ll remember and hear some of Ray’s hit songs including, “Everything Is Beautiful” and “The Streak” when visiting this theatre!

If You Love Music – You Need To Visit Nashville

Its certainly one of my very favourite destinations in the USA!

Bradley’s Latest “Do Try” Restaurant List

Our Walters Dinner Theatre is in full swing with shows daily other than Sunday.  I’ve been enjoying visiting with many of my blog readers at the shows.  A number of you have been asking me to post my latest NEW restaurant recommended list so here it is!  Unfortunately lately a number of the “new for me” restaurants I’ve tried have ended up being very disappointing experiences so those restaurants didn’t make this list.  As always let me know of any of your local restaurant favourites and possibly they’ll be added next time.  Many of you continue to dine at restaurants that I’ve recommended in the past.  I still highly recommend those restaurants but this NEW list might encourage you to try something different!  Enjoy!


Stratford, ON

The Common – 80 Wellington St

This is one of the newest restaurants in Stratford.  Chef Tim Otsuki has created an interesting menu.  The interior is nicely decorated but its the plain outdoor patio that attracts actors from the Stratford Festival.  I’ve really enjoyed the tasty “staff meal” special both times I’ve eaten here.  

Madelyn’s Diner – 377 Huron St

If you have a craving for delicious fish n chips and gooey butter tarts this is the place to head for.  


Wellesley, ON

Nith River Chop House – 1193 Queen’s Bush Road

The interior is nothing special but the food is made from scratch.  You can also purchase their yummy house salad dressing to bring home.  Its a scenic drive from our theatre to Wellesley so Mom and I often end up dining here.  You sometimes have to wait a while for your food to arrive but its worth the wait.  Mom typically orders their schnitzel or meatloaf.  


New Hamburg, ON

Chef Brenner’s The Garden Stand – 90 Wilmot Street, Unit B

This isn’t a restaurant – Chef Adam Brenner prepares scrumptious gourmet meals to go.  His dips are addicting – “dill pickle hummus”!  I always leave with an armful of food.  His preserves are excellent too.  Much like a “Travel With Bradley” Journey its always a “surprise” what he is going to have in stock.  Tonight its his monthly, “Fish n Chip” evening.  It’ll be the first time I’ve tried his fish n chips.  I pre-ordered for the family and will pick up after todays theatre matinee performance at 4:45pm.   In my freezer at home I have a couple of his salmon and chicken entrees.  They are handy to heat up when there isn’t enough time to prepare a meal.  Everything I purchase from Adam is always scrumptious!  


Mississauga, ON

REDS – Square One Shopping Mall

This is another restaurant where everything is made from scratch.  Breads and desserts are baked daily and their signature roasted chicken is marinated in-house for 24 hours.  Their mini butter tarts are a nice treat to bring home!  They have a couple other locations in the downtown core of Toronto too.


Toronto, ON

The Cheesecake Factory – Yorkdale Shopping Centre

You probably all ready know that the Cheesecake Factory is a Walters Family favourite.  My brother, Darren makes it a point to dine at every Cheesecake Factory he can find  when he travels throughout the USA.  This is the first Canadian location.  I suggest you arrive when they open at 11:30am or you’ll be waiting for a long while to get a table.  They feature over 50 signature cheesecakes and there are over 200 entree items in their massive menu.  

Cactus Club Cafe – 77 Adelaide St W

This casual chain from Canada’s west has been in business for almost 30 years.  I often take my Vancouver groups to Catcus Club Cafe for dinner.  This is the first Ontario location but they are soon opening another one at Sherway Gardens Shopping Mall.  I’m anxious for the Sherway Gardens location to open because its a much more convenient location for those of us that live west of the big city.


Paris, ON

Camp 31 BBQ – 22 Paris Rd

The Walters Family can often be found here on Monday nights after we finish cleaning up our theatre when the matinee show ends.  Mondays feature a chicken wings special.  We ask for them to be prepared extra crispy with thai dipping sauce on the side.    Try their corn bread.  Camp 31 BBQ’s basic interior fits their Real Southern BBQ theme.  

Paris Surf Pizza Place – 24 Mechanic St

Yes, its all about the pizza – unique toppings – fun, trendy atmosphere.  Great place to take your kids and grandkids.  


Cambridge and Waterloo, ON


A tourism group visiting from Nashville, TN took me for dinner at the Waterloo location last night.  These restaurants are always packed so are often noisy but the food is consistently very good.

RSVP for Bradley’s Annual Travel Show

I’d like to personally invite you to the annual, “Travel With Bradley” Travel Show on Sunday, August 26, 2018.  You’ll be excited about the many NEW journeys I will be announcing that day.

Starting  tomorrow, Wednesday at 9am you can reserve your complimentary tickets.  Feel free to extend the invitation to friends and family.

There are 3 times to choose from




These shows sell out every year so be sure to reserve early.

Look forward to seeing you on August 26th!









May the 4th (Force) Be With You from Ireland

One Hundred Thousand Welcomes from the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

May the 4th (Force) Be With You

Yesterday while on the “Ring of Kerry” a professional photographer met us along the route and took a group photograph.  This morning I arranged to meet him and purchased them for my passengers – a nice morning surprise for them.

They also enjoyed an wonderful evening surprise.  I took my passengers to see a big Irish production show in Killarney called, “Irish Steps”.  There was a United Nations crowd with ticket holders from all over the World – was really quite something to learn where everyone was from.  They were I’d say around 1/2 full – 300 people.  The show was excellent.  The hall was nothing special but once the house lights were off and the impressive stage lights were on it was a much more professional setting.  The band and dancers were all top notch – some of the dancers are World Champions.  The show really well put together.  A slick operation that I highly recommend you attend if you are in Killarney.  My passengers raved about it and its a tour highlight for sure.

There was a Friday wedding at our hotel, “The Great Southern” and my passengers commented that is was like a Royal Wedding.  It was wonderful to see the fashion show of attire – much more festive than at home.  The hotel really catered to make the event extra special with a red carpet entrance and a top hat door man to welcome all the wedding and hotel guests.  

Our drive along the Dingle Penninsula was an exhilarating one.  Although not as famous as “The Ring Of Kerry” the views are just as dramatic if even more so.  It was my favourite of the 2 drives.  

Connor our guide teased that the Irish gave the Scotts the Bagpipes years ago as a joke  and told them they’d have to wear a skirt and a funny hat when playing them and they followed along but still haven’t caught on that it was a joke.  

It’s compulsory that Irish (Gaelic) is taught.  There is one dedicated Gaelic television station in Ireland.  This language has been spoken here for over 2000 years.  Some of the roads signs in the Gaelic area of Dingle Peninsula are just in Gaelic with no English.  

Stopped in the village of Inch so we could take pictures of the beach – you can drive on it just like “Daytona” in Florida.  Scenes from the movie, “Ryan’s Daughter” were filmed here.

This morning’s drive along the Dingle coast reminds me a bit of driving on Highway A1A in California – except there are no sheep along the steep banks in California and the roads are much wider on A1A.  

The town of Dingal has become very famous due to the movie, “Ryan’s Daughter” – Gaelic is mostly spoken here and students can come for a 3 week jaunt in the summer to improve their Irish language skills.  Tom Cruise and Nichole Kidman also filmed the “Far and Away” movie here and they enjoyed mingling with the locals in the pubs at night.  Country Singer, Dolly Parton was shown around Dingal.  

I really was impressed with Dingal.  Its a foodie place with so many top restaurants.  Its such and isolated town surrounded by beautiful views.  

There are many festivals in Dingle.  Since Star War movie scenes have been filmed in this region there is currently a “May the 4th (Force) Be With You” festival going on in honor of May 4th and Star Wars.

When traveling on the Dingle Peninsula the underwritten rule is you travel clockwise because at times its too narrow for 2 cars to pass one another.  They are trying to get this rule into law but would make it difficult for the locals.

Both lunch and dinner were exceptional today but every one of our meals on this tour have been exceptional – location and cuisine – very impressive.

There is a car rally going on in Killarney this weekend (its a long weekend) – so lots of excitement and a bit of engine noise.

Understand there was a major wind storm at home in Ontario, Canada – hope my readers in that region faired ok with no or very limited property damage.

The Ring Of Kerry – The Wild Atlantic Way

The Ring Of Kerry – The Wild Atlantic Way 

Since I am part of a family business it’s wonderful to see so many family run operations in Ireland.  Many more than at home in Canada.  Many business signs proudly say – Family Run Since (Year).

Today we travelled through the county of Kerry – the highlight being our drive around the famous, “Ring Of Kerry”.  The weather was typical – 4 Seasons in One Day!

The town of Killarney is the hotbed for accommodations in this area.  Our posh hotel is just one of many high caliber ones.  This is a very upscale destination.  Most people that are transiting “The Ring Of Kerry” will overnight in Killarney.  This driving route is extremely busy – the key is to get away early enough in the morning.

As we travelled we entered the Reeks District – For over 400 years the “Puck Fair” festival has been held in the town of Killorglin (pop 4000) – it runs from Aug 10-12 every year – making it the oldest festival in Europe.  A group of men capture a wild puck goat and it is paraded on gathering day – Aug 10 – the goat is crowned king of the town for the 3 days. 

We stopped at the Kerry Bog Village at Red Fox Inn.  This was primarily a rest stop as washrooms are few and far between on the Ring of Kerry.  My passengers couldn’t pass up their Irish Coffee.  I congratulate this family business for their creativity.  

There is an underwritten Rule that when coaches travel the, “Ring of Kerry” that they should be in a counterclockwise direction as there are areas where it is impossible for 2 coaches to pass in opposite directions.  

Kellys Sheep Dog Display was a big hit with my passengers even though the wind was blowing misty rain into our covered viewing area.  This is an excellent display of sheep herding.  The gentleman that runs this show rents the land – almost all of the tour operators traveling the Ring of Kerry take in one of 2 sheep dog shows.  

We were impressed when we passed the new Hogs Head Golf and Hotel Complex in Waterville – some Golf Courses can demand 1000 Euro for a round of golf!  Golf Tourism in Ireland is thriving.  Yesterday I chatted with a group of younger men at our hotel from the States and they are playing the top courses in Ireland.  

Rural Communities located on the “Ring of Kelly” use a text alert program – if there is danger neighbours contact one another via text as there is no close police service.

Sneem is the small town along the Ring of Kerry where we enjoyed a piping hot homemade lunch at D O’Shea’s – a very traditional Irish Pub.  This place is filled with character.  The owner was so friendly.  The fresh out of the oven apple/raspberry crisp with ice cream was the perfect dessert for a damp and misty day in Ireland.  Some of the local old-timers came in for their mid-day penicillin – a shot of whiskey followed by a chaser… a pint of Guinness.  

The road along the Ring continually got narrower as we our journey continued afternoon lunch.  We stopped in the Killarney National Park and toured an impressive historic mansion.  

Tonight’s dinner and Irish Show was held at The Jarvey’s.  We had a great time.  One of my passengers, “Harvey West” entertained the crowd with a Canadian Irish Rovers Song.  Great Job Harvey!

Receiving the “Gift of Gab” in Ireland

The day started out nice and sunny but we eventually experienced the odd short downpour of rain.  Those showers never affected us so we were very lucky.

There are 32 counties in Ireland and they are divided into 4 provinces.  

It was a bit of a drive this morning before we arrived at the very popular tourist attraction – Blarney Castle.  We travelled through the Midland area – prime farm land – quite flat due the ice age of 10,000 years ago.  

At one point our guide Connor started chatting about Irish Whiskey.  In Ireland they spell Whiskey with an “E” and in Scotland they don’t  (Whisky) – Connor said the “E” in Whiskey stands for excellence!  Irish Whiskey is distilled 3 times vs the Scottish 2 times.  Both countries refer to America’s bourbon as paint thinner….  There is obviously a bit of a friendly rivalry going on.  

Made a stop at the Rock of Cashel so we could get a picture.  The Rock of Cashel is located in this county of Tipperary – “Its A Long Way to Tipperary”….

We traveled through the Golden Vail – lots of dairy farms. 

Our next stop was at the famous, Blarney Castle.  If you kiss the stone located at the top of the Blarney Castle you will be granted the Gift of Gab.  I think I terrorized my nephew, Schyler by having him kiss this stone a few years ago – he constantly talks about that experience – after kissing it he certainly ended up with the gift of gab just like his Uncle Bradley.

Our delicious luncheon in Blarney consisted of seafood cocktail, pork loin entree and warm chocolate cake with ice cream.  We took over a private room in the towns very popular pub – the home made meal they served us arrived piping hot and the service was fast and efficient.

Everyone also enjoyed their time at the Blarney Woollen Mill Store – the largest Irish product store in the country.  

We are staying in Nature’s Home for 3 nights – also referred to as Killarney.  This community is surrounded by 26000 acres of park land and 3 lakes.  

Our home in the heart of Killarney is the Great Southern Hotel.  It was originally built as a railroad hotel and is part of a group of Great Southern Railway hotels.  When describing this hotel I would use the following words – posh, elegant and luxurious.  My passengers are loving this property.  Our dinner which was served in the glamorous dining room was a true fine-dining experience lasted 2.5 hours.  

It has been a wonderful day!

Wonderful Day Exploring the Countryside of Ireland

Ireland has done a great job marketing tourism.  They have created tourism driving routes and have named them creatively – Wild Atlantic Way – Ireland’s Ancient East.

Ireland has also offered tax incentives to get industries to locate here and has worked – Intel, Hewlett-Packard, the European Headquarters of Apple are all located in Ireland.  

Film Production Companies are also offered incentives so movies such as King Arthur, Michael Collins, PS I Love You and Brave Heart have been filmed in Ireland.  There are also film driving trails so you can see your favorite film set locations.

France and Germany are especially not happy that Ireland offers these tax incentives as they feel all of the EU countries should do things the same but this hasn’t stopped Ireland from offering these incentives.

President Trump is not happy with Ireland either but Connor our guide said they really don’t care.  Trumps Mother is Scottish so Connor said he is welcomed there but not so welcome in Ireland.

Walking and hiking treks also brings tourism dollars to Ireland but weather can change quickly so there is a volunteer rescue team to help those that get disoriented during bad weather in the Wexford Wicklow Mountains.  

This morning we visited Powerscourt House – which is owned by the Slazenger Family (sports equipment).  This estate has experienced bad luck over the years.  It had been completely refurbished and after a successful press unveiling that evening there was a fire which destroyed the house – it was left as a shell.

It remained that way for years but eventually the family renovated the home again but instead of restoring it to its original grandeur its now a retail and banquet space.  The historic gardens remain and are a huge draw for tourists.  A Ritz Carlton Hotel and Gordon Ramsey managed restaurant were established on the property.  They still exist but the brand names have changed.

Sheep in Ireland are marked with a vegetable dye and ear tags which allows for traceability.  A combination of 2 colours are used if there are many farmers grazing sheep in the same area.  Irish Lamb is exported around the World.  Mutton (sheep over 1 year old) is in demand in France.  There are huge dairy farms here too.  Beef production is important.  The most important crop is grass – grown on 70% of farm land.  Potato’s are a vital crop.  Strawberries will be ready for picking in a couple of weeks (way ahead of us in Ontario, Canada).  Early spring vegetables like asparagus is now widely available.

Our morning drive was beautiful – the rural countryside looks like a Patchwork Quilt of greens surrounded by hedge rows.  Actor, Daniel Day Lewis make his home in the area we traveled through and so does the former manager of the rock band, U2.  Mia Farrow use to have a home here too.

We ventured down very narrow roads that lead us through farming communities.  We saw many sheep farms.   This, the County of Wicklow is the source of water for Guinness – by pipeline into the city.  

The nasty Gorse weed is currently in beautiful yellow flower.  This is a damaging weed that spreads quickly – major problem for farmers.  

Laragh is the “wee” village where we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the The Wicklow Heather Restaurant.  This restaurant has a very warm and inviting atmosphere.  They are the only choice in town so the locals are lucky that its a terrific spot.  We enjoyed baked Brie salad, tender local lamb with roasted and mashed potatoes/cabbage.  Dessert was luscious Baileys Cheesecake.

After lunch we drove up a windy, narrow roads through valleys and over small mountains toward Hollywood, Ireland.  There are 2 Hollywood towns in Irelands – the tiny one we passed through has a Hollywood Sign in the hills just like in California.  

The scenery during our drive was spectacular.  This is also part of the movie driving route.  We passed the impressive Summit of the Wicklow Gap.  The heather plants in this region will soon be out in bloom.  There is plenty of forestry so pine trees add to the landscape.  

Horses have always been an integral part of life in Ireland. Horse racing is a very social event.  Valuable Prizes are often awarded to the Best Dressed Lady and Man in the crowd.  There are activities set up for children to enjoy.  Good dining and bar facilities are found at the tracks.  At racetracks any age can bet   – but if you use a bookmaker you need to be 18.  Most race tracks are grass covered.

Our guided visit at the National Stud Farm was a highlight of the day.  This is a 1000 acre facility that was started by Colonel Hall Walker.  Here the breeding process is strictly controlled by the government.  Every horse has a passport which gives vital information such as visas, vaccinations and microchip number.  The Stallions start breeding on Valentines Day until June. 

Tonight’s fine dining dinner was at the Linden Tree Restaurant.  It was a superb meal and the service spot on.  The restaurant mistakenly put the meal cost on our private menu – 50 Euro per person – this didn’t include water, tea/coffee, tax and tip – so tonights meal was over $100 CDN per person.  At, “Travel With Bradley” I don’t skimp on anything – accommodations, meals, attractions, guides…..  If my passengers would have dined in tonights restaurant on their own the cost of their meal would have been even higher.  I am able to negotiate savings because I’m bringing a group so it doesn’t surprise me when some people try to copy my itinerary and travel on their own to find that the cost is much higher than my itinerary – plus instead of relaxing they have the stress of having to arrange scheduled, find good restaurant…..    Others try tour companies that offer great lead in prices and don’t realize how little has been included.  Once you start adding meals, pricey optional tours, gratuities you then realize what a great value, “Travel With Bradley” is.  

It was a terrific day.  Sadly tomorrow morning we need to say farewell to this beautiful resort.  It’s time to move to another beautiful region of Ireland.  

Dublin – Cobblestone Streets and a Pub or two….

When I woke this morning I looked through my hotel room window and the countryside view that greeted me was breathtaking.

We enjoyed a relaxing breakfast at the Manor House.   Some of my passengers went for an early morning walk and saw deer.  This resort property is massive – 1100 acres.

At 8:30am we departed for Dublin.  

Our first stop was at Trinity College which was established back in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth 1st.  This is Ireland’s first college.  The reason why thousands of tourists flock here is to see the famous, “Book of Kells”- which most believe is over 1000 years old.  Back then Monks copied the Bible using amazing illustrations and text.  They had to produce everything including the colour dyes.  The greenish blue colours came from rocks in Northern Afghanistan – red was from crushed beetles in Spain.  The Monks created 1 volume but it was rebound into 4 volumes.  Two of those volumes are opened and on display – the pages are turned only once every few weeks to avoid causing damage.

We also saw the very impressive Long Room or the Old Library.  Scenes from the Harry Potter movies were not filmed on location but the set was modeled after the Long Room.  Two Hundred Thousand books are on display but there are over 5 million books in the collection ….. similar to my cookbook collection at home!

During our tour, Connor our guide talked about the Harp being the National Symbol of Ireland.  If you owe money to the government you get a letter with a black harp on the envelope.  You might find a green harp on government envelopes during election time.  If you are celebrating your 100th birthday you will get a letter with a Gold Harp and a cheque from the government for 2500 Euros as a congratulations gift.

We past the impressive Millennium Spire.  

We learned that there are more taxis in Dublin than New York City!

A free public bike system has been set up in Dublin – there are over 5000 bike you can use throughout the city.

The Guinness Storehouse welcomes over 1 million visitors a year making it the number 1 attraction in Ireland.  We toured this amazing facility.  It’s a must to drink a Guinness in the panoramic lounge that overlooks the city.  We also enjoyed a delicious Irish luncheon in the complex’s 1843 restaurant.  We were given a few minutes for some last minute shopping in the massive gift shop.  Guinness has done such an amazing job marketing their product they have 1 floor of the Storehouse dedicated to this.  Years ago, Guinness was the first company in Ireland to provide free health care to their workers and if a husband passed his wife would continue to receive his pension so available Guinness workers were highly sought after.

Dublin has an upcoming Abortion Vote so the city is covered in posters – For and Against.  It was thought that the YES vote would easily win but now it is believed that it will be a close vote.

Dublin was the home of Oscar Wilde – we saw a colourful statue of him in the area where he lived.

Years ago groups of homeowners would often share a private, adjacent park.  Now parks are open to everyone except for one that is still private – a key is needed to enter.  

Photographers enjoy taking pictures of Dublins colourful doors – the yellow ones really pop.  

It was such a beautiful day – perfect for strolling down one of the pedestrian shopping streets.    The locals love their flowers so there are many fragrant flower stands between the stores.  My passengers all purchased souvenirs to bring home.  

Tonight’s dinner was more casual.  It was held in the Golf Club House adjacent to rage  Manor House Hotel where we are staying.  This is a private members facility but my group was allowed in for a private function.  We had a entree choice of steak or salmon – both received rave reviews – the jumbo lemon tart that followed was the perfect ending to another excellent meal.

Visiting The Emerald Isle

Its wonderful

to be back in Ireland.   Two days ago I arrived home from Ukraine at 1130pm.  I enjoyed an early breakfast with my family yesterday morning so we could get caught up and then I packed and got ready for last nights flight to Dublin.

All of my passengers arrived at Toronto Pearson ahead of schedule so they had plenty of time to enjoy the lounge pass we provide prior to the flight.  After chatting with an Air Canada supervisor he allowed my group to have priority check in – a nice bonus.

The Air Canada flight was packed.  The service and food was ok but did not quite compare to the flight my group enjoyed the day before with Lufthansa.  The pilot of the Lufthansa flight was incredible.  Our landing at Toronto Pearson was unlike anything I have ever experienced.  All you know there is usually some kind of a bump (big or small) at landing but the Lufthansa pilots landing was so smooth – almost like a feather falling out of sky – I wondered if something was wrong when I heard the airline brakes as I didn’t know we had landed as we didn’t feel it at all – how did he do that?

Air Canadas dinner tasted processed – Lufthansa’s tasted homemade.  Air Canada’s pre-landing snack was ice cold – Lufthansa’s was served hot.  Lufthansa brought around around hot napkins before our meal in economy class – Air Canada does not …. etc etc….  There was nothing wrong with the Air Canada flight but in comparison with Lufthansa I’d have to award Lufthansa with a gold medal and Air Canada a bronze.

Before we landed in Dublinwe were delighted with amazing views over rural Ireland.  its obvious why Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle with 40 shades of green.  

Our Ireland host is a true professional.  He called me in Canada a few hours before I left for the Toronto airport to wish us a good flight.  

The Dublin airport is older – there was a lengthy wait to clear customs.  By the time we showed up at the luggage belt all of our luggage was there – a nice plus.  Our guide was waiting for us – holding a “Travel With Bradley” sign.  The deluxe motor coach that we are traveling on is brand new – yesterday was its second day on the road.  Its a Dutch manufactured product – absolutely beautiful.

Sun and blue skies greeted us – its cool but our guide said this is suntan weather for the locals so they were out on mass.  Sundays are family days.  Ireland has experienced a very wet spring so it will be a while before the farmers can start working the land.

Ireland has a population of 6.2 Million and 4.5 Million Canadians have Irish ancestry.

It has a reputation as being very safe destination – the police are unarmed.

We are pleased to see many spring flowers in bloom.  Ireland experienced a severe winter so Spring arrived very late – usually the spring flowers would be done blooming by now but there are at their peak.  At home we often plant one flower variety like tulips in a single flower bed, but here they mix all the spring flowers in their beds and its quite beautiful.  

Lunch was served in a picturesque country town in a upscale “posh” pub – at home we would call it was a very, very nice restaurant.  We started with a delicious salad but the highlight of the meal was fish n chips – many of my passengers commented they were the best they’ve ever eaten.  The fish was fresh (purchased at the stand up the road) and the batter very light.  The apple crumble was also exceptional – served hot and the apples were cooked through so juicy and tender.

After our welcome luncheon we enjoyed a panoramic tour of Dublin.  Our guide is excellent.

Our deluxe 5 star accommodation for 3 nights is located at a historic manor house in the country.  Two famous golf courses are its big draw.  The views over its massive rural property are stunning.  The gardens are beautiful.  This resort has been designed using a eclectic mix of historic and modern ideas.  This isn’t a typical tour resort – we are fortunate to be staying here.  The Irish Open Golf Tournament has been held here – quite an honor considering there are 450 golf courses to choose from in Ireland.

Tonight’s delicious private dinner banquet was held in the elegant drawing room.  Barb, one of my passengers commented that the meal was a nice as you would find at a wedding at home.  It took a while for the resort staff to get our luggage to our rooms so they provided champagne at dinner and I provided the wine.

Everyone was in bed early – the beds are so comfy it didn’t take long to fall asleep.  

In Ireland they often follow “ish” time – meet at 9 ish or 10 ish – but our guide reminded my passengers that we are not following “ish” time so 9am means 9am – smile!

See you again soon, Ukraine

My passengers and I are currently waiting  in the Lviv airport for our flight to Toronto via Munich on Lufthansa airlines.  The Lviv Airport is modern and the staff very efficient.  The agents that looked after our check-in were so kind and helpful.  The security and customs staff were also very friendly and thanked us for visiting their country.

It was a sad and for some tearful farewell to our hosts Vince, Yulia and Taras.  Not only were they excellent hosts – they all have caring and warm hearts.  They wanted our stay in the Ukraine to be an excellent experience and they made that happen.

Last night at dinner we met a middle-aged Canadian from Saskatoon who is living here with her husband.  At breakfast we met a Father and his two sons who are visiting from Edmonton.

Canada has a strong relationship with the Ukraine.  Our Governor General and a Canadian contingent were in Lviv this past January.  They stayed in the same wonderful Lviv hotel that we did.  Its the finest hotel in the city.  

This truly was an exceptional journey  – the 3 main Ukraine destinations we visited are totally unique and each offered new cultural experiences –  we would be hard pressed to say which was our favourite – they were all so great – the itinerary was wonderful and top notch – the 5 star hotels where we stayed were truly 5 star hotels that can compete with any other 5 star hotels around the world  – we dined in the very best restaurants and the cuisine would thrill any foodie  – the locals were so happy to show off their beautiful country.

Ukraine has had to struggle through so much hardship.  Many that we met lived through the Soviet times.  Ukraine has gone through independence and a recent 2014 revolution and the struggles are not over because since 2014 there have been eastern border troubles.  Russia claims they are not involved with the battle but the Ukrainians say that is not the case.  

Ukrainians will continue to have a cloud over them because of their neighbour but as some explained to me this is something that they have learned to live with.  For some reason other countries have not directly helped Ukraine and its probably because it would cause issues with Russia. Canada’s RCMP have been helping to train Ukraine’s police force and we heard from very reliable rumors that the US is quietly helping to train Ukraine’s armed forces.

As Canadians we really don’t hear much about this part of the world so its not on our travel radar list.  In fact my passengers said if I would have advertised this journey as going to Ukraine they probably would not have considered it.  They said this would have been a big mistake because their journey has been so fantastic.

I can’t wait to return and it won’t surprise me if some of my current passengers join me next time.  

Ukraine was the perfect destination for the first Travel With Bradley International Mystery Tour.

Farewell Ukraine but I won’t be gone for long!7761FB60-C22E-4F33-A105-F051722DE8B7519AD734-A2E9-4485-B7B6-99E9643B274D

Farewell to Lviv, Ukraine

Today our tour of the beautiful city of Lviv continued.  During the coach tour we made a stop and strolled through a very impressive, historic cemetery.  Lunch was at the busiest restaurant in the Ukraine – located in an underground bunker.  Later my passengers scrambled to purchase last minute souvenirs and then tried to find room for them in their luggage.  Todays extra special highlight was visiting the famous Lviv Opera House to see, “Moses The Opera”.   We got dressed up for the occassion.    The theatre is stunning and I can’t believe how large the cast was,  Our farewell dinner was in a very quaint Jewish Restaurant.  The head chef presented a cooking demo.  Our local hosts awarded me with a, “My Name Is Bradley Walters and my favourite Country is Ukraine” T-Shirt!  What a marvelous time we have had on this one-of-a-kind Mystery Journey!  We are very sad to be leaving this amazing country…..  Thanks to my amazing passengers for joining this Yellow Brick Road Mystery Tour.  We had a wonderful time together.    A special thanks to our incredible hosts who went out of their way to make this journey a spectacular one.  Thanks to all the wonderful Ukrainians who treated us like family.

Just LVIV It!

This morning at breakfast I sat with Barbara, one of my frequent passengers.

We chatted about the amazing 5 star boutique hotel we are staying in which is located in the centre of Lviv, Ukraine.   Its such a charming place – attention to detail is obviously important to the management team.  There are fresh flowers everywhere including in both our bedroom and bathroom.  There are plush, oversize towels to use.  Toiletries have been well thought of – I’ve never stayed in a hotel before that includes black shoe polish in the amenity package.  Of course delicious chocolates arrive with the evening turn-down service.  The Do Not Disturb/Clean Room notifications are little pillows with the Lion Symbol of the city on them – one shows the lion sleeping – the other shows the lion with a broom.  There is a charming garden courtyard in the middle of hotel.  The 3 chandelier breakfast rooms are intimate and elegant.

The 3 hotels we have stayed in during this Mystery Journey have all been superb and completely different from one another but they all had windows you can open – a nice plus.

Barbara noted that the servers in all the restaurants have been male.  She also noticed that its only ladies that have been cleaning the hotel rooms.  We will never forget the very young server that looked after us during our banquet lunch yesterday.  He worked so hard to please us.  

Barbara has traveled with me many, many, many times and feels this is the most cultural tour she has been on.  We will all go home knowing so much about life in the Ukraine and what it is like being a local because we have met so many locals and they have been so overly friendly and kind.  I’ve never arranged an itinerary until now that has included so much entertainment – we have enjoyed the music of many unique and entertaining bands – these are always private events just for us!

Our hosts told us about 2 Ukrainian films that are worth watching – Bitter Harvest and Winter on Fire.

The city of Lviv has a population of 1 million –  a mix of Ukrainian, Armenian and Jews.  

We spent much of the day touring around this wonderful city.  

We passed many impressive city landmarks during our morning “train” tour.

The city’s Opera House is the most famous in Ukraine and can also be found on the Ukrainian 20 dollar bill.  It took just 3 years for workers to build this masterpiece.

This is a very green city with parks everywhere and many Chestnut trees.

After our train excursion we were met by a local guide who walked us around the city core.

There were many other special things planned during this mystery tour day.

Lviv is known for its coffee culture.  We put on hard hats and entered an underground cave that was used to hide Ukrainian troops from the KGB.  When we took our seats, those that ordered coffee were amazed with the fire spectacle that occurred in front of them.  I have never experienced anything quite like it before.

We visited 2 very impressive chocolate shops.  

A stop was made at a restaurant whose theme is based on the history of kerosene lamps so kerosene lamps are tastefully located throughout its multi-story building.  Our hosts ordered liquid filled test tubes for us – we had to guess the yummy flavours.

For a restaurant to survive in this town it has to be exceptional because there is so much competition.  During lunch we dined in one of the most unique ones.  There was no sign on the outside of the building to indicate there was a restaurant there.  We walked up a flight of old apartment looking stairs wondering where we were going and then we were directed into an older mans apartment.  After chatting with us he then let us enter a hidden entrance to a private and very upscale restaurant that is themed after the secretive masons.   We had so much fun checking out the space.  The bathroom that is surrounded by cash was a hit with my passengers.

The Lviv Easter Market is still in full swing so after lunch a group of us roamed through it and bought souvenirs.

Tonight’s dinner function was so exceptional.  It’s unusual to find beef on a menu in Ukraine so everyone was thrilled to be served an excellent BBQ steak.  

The “Lemko Bluegrass Band” performed a special private performance for us.  Who would think that Ukraine’s citizens would embrace bluegrass music.  This 4 piece band is terrific and are based in the Carpathian Mountains.  We clapped, sang along and the dance floor was hoppin.  They are going to be touring in Ottawa and Alberta this Summer.  It would be cool if my brother could bring them to our dinner theatre for a performance.

What a terrific day – what a terrific city!

I have a few wonderful surprises in store for my passengers tomorrow.  I’ve asked them to get dressed up for the evening event…. the mystery continues.

Its just after midnight so I must call it a day….

Hello from LVIV Ukraine

Hello from LVIV Ukraine.

We departed the Carpathian Mountains this morning and started our journey West to Lviv,

Along the way we stopped at a village market and an Ukrainian Easter Egg Museum.

Our luncheon was an elegant affair.

The drive took us through rural communities where the farmland is picturesque.

The older generation takes pride in their gardens so we saw many bubas working away in them.

Lviv is close to the Polish border so there are more Catholic Churches than Orthodox here.  This city was saved from War Bombings.

This is the cultural centre of Ukraine so it welcomes tourists from all over the world.  The Lviv Jazz Festival is rated one of the best in Europe.

Tonight’s dinner was excellent.  We enjoyed the tradional waffle cake for dessert.

The weather remains perfect.

an Ukrainian speciality.

Our 5 star hotel in located in city centre.

Celebrating with the Hutsul Community

Time floats in the Carpathian Mountains.

This is the home of the Hutsul’s who are Ukrainian’s mountain people.

Experiences with the locals are always memorable ones so we were surrounded by local culture today.  

In my 30 plus years taking groups around the world today’s planned event with the Hutsul’s turned out to be one of the very BEST ones.  

At breakfast I noticed that Ukrainians prefer cold meats and cheese and the North Americans are attracted more to the eggs, bacon and potatoes.  After we finished the excellent quality and boutiful breakfast our days adventure began.

Roads in many parts of the Ukraine are in bad condition.  For locals are use to this – for us it was another experience.  I can understand why a car of choice is an old Lada – you wouldn’t want to ruin an expensive vehicle by driving it down some of these roads.  They are certainly not the worst roads I have been on during my travels but they have made my Worst Top 10 list.

The scenery was spectacular as we climbed elevation.  We saw many picturesque mountain side homes.  The only way to reach them is by walking on paths – there are no roads leading to them.  The children therefore walk down the mountain to go to school and are housed during the week.  When the weekend arrives they make the journey back up the mountain to get home.  

We stopped to visit a very small rural community.  We walked up a hill to their wooden Orthodox Church.  Sunday service was going on – non-holiday services last 2-3 hours – Easter and Christmas services are many hours longer.  The service is amplified so you can hear it throughout the village.  We were fortunate to watch some of the pomp and circumstance – men enter through a man only door, ladies have their own door too – once inside they stand on opposite sides facing one another.  It was explained that the segregated doors force the men to think of the Lord instead of their wives.

The congregational singing was beautiful and there was plenty of it.  Easter hymns  are sung for 50 days.  We couldn’t follow what was going on during the very formal service but our guides certainly knew and sang along.  Those attending service wore their Sunday best.  

We also visited the adjacent cemetery.  It is located on rolling land so its next to impossible to cut the grass.  Picnic tables are found next to some gravestones as locals spend time with family who have passed – they enjoy meals and often traditional vodka shots in the cemetery.  It was explained that if they drink a shot of vodka while visiting they pour a shot on the grave for the one that passed.  If there are fruit trees or berries in a cemetery you are free to consume the fruit while in the cemetery but taking them out is disrespectful and bad luck.

We then strolled into the small village.  A few home owners skipped church as they knew we were coming and this is an opportunity for them to sell their hand made items.  Most of my passengers bought souvenirs from them.  We were intrigued with the architecture   – small mirrors are often used in exterior home design to ward off evil.  We also toured a home that was used during the filming of a famous Ukrainian  movie – “Shadows of Forgotten Ancensters”.  

Finding bathrooms was a bit challenging.  We eventually came across a very basic outhouse and those that were desperate decided to give it a try.  A local lady saw our dilemma so graciously offered the bathroom in her home.  I followed a group of my female passengers as I wanted to see her home interior but I had to laugh because she  put the gate down when I tried to enter.  No way was that buba going to let a man in.  My passengers told me that she was busy making bread.  

A travel break stop was made at a local variety-type store for an ice cream treat.  The ice cream cones were in a cooler already packaged.   Unfortunately they didn’t have the popular poppyseed ice cream.  The store was small but carried the most important items like fresh rye bread but the main staple in the store was of course “vodka” – so many varieties.

We were excited to meet a wool weaver – her entire yard was filled with hanging raw wool.  What a beautiful picture.  Many of us bought smaller items from her.  Her blankets unfortunately would be too difficult to get home.

Our driver ventured down a narrow country road to a tiny village.   I noticed 2 children that were waiting for our arrival.  We all exited the vehicle and were lead down a long driveway.  Of course I knew what to expect but my passengers couldn’t believe their eyes – an orchestra was playing, traditional dressed town folk and children were singing and dancing.

This is the home of the village school principal and his family.  Four family generation homes are located on his property.  It was interesting to see the differences in the home interiors.  All the homes were basically laid out the same.  You enter into an open space that is often used for dancing as neighbours get together to enjoy their own entertainment.  To the right and left of the entrance room are bedrooms.  Every room has a large wood burning oven – used for cooking and heating.  Of course the principal and his family live in the newest and most modern home  – the same design but we noticed a television instead of the gramophone that was found in the original home.  Decorating is very modest.  There is a well for freshwater – you put the pail down in the well and bring it up filled with water.  

Todays event was planned so we could experience the typical Hutsul wedding – one of my passengers commented she could not believe that we are visiting the Ukraine, in the mountains at a wedding!  We needed a bride and groom – I was nominated as the groom – my wonderful passenger, Merl as the bride.  

When we arrived and met the family we were presented with a welcome shot of vodka.  This is also customary at many Canadian Ukrainian weddings.  In the Ukraine, vodka is used  to welcome guests.  Many make their own and this home-made brew is also sold at roadside stands or in restaurants.  Our welcome vodka was infused with ginseng – there are so many flavours.  Platters were also brought around with the same sugar coated donuts that my Grandmother use to make (they are served as appetizers not dessert – can also be coated with salt and garlic) and heavy European type bread topped with a smooth pork fat.  Butter is not typically used to top bread.  

As bride and groom we had to dress in traditional wedding clothing.  The parents of the bride (my passengers – Tony and Pat) were also dressed in Ukrainian fashions.  

All guests decorated an artificial tree.  After a real wedding the couple would take this home with them to symbolize their marriage.   Merl and I broke the wedding bread – our bread pieces split evenly meaning we were both are equal as the boss.  We then shared the bread with our guests – it was delicious.

Wheat and candies were thrown instead of confetti.  Afterwards children get to collect the candies.

After all the formal wedding formalities finished we sat down for the wedding feast.  The head table was already filled with so much food.  We thought this was the entire meal but we learned this was just the appetizers.  More food soon arrived including the traditional borsh, tiny rolled cabbage rolls (almost like a thin cigar – never seen this version before), and a variety of meats (beef is typically not served – chicken and pork are the main staples).  Dessert was corn meal that was bowled with sour cream and topped with cheese – delicious!

The orchestra kept us entertained and there was lots of dancing.  The tradition of toasting guests is just as common today as it was years ago – especially at a wedding/special event – even at home when company arrives.  The sayings during the toasts are always meaningful and heartfelt.  There plenty of toasts during the wedding reception and then a vodka shot is poured.  The most meaningful toast was made by our hosts Father and then everyone sang for us – some of my passengers were dabbing their tears afterwards.  

We truly felt like we were at a wedding.  Most of the community members that were involved with today festivities are school teachers wanting to promote their tiny mountain area to tourists.    

We couldn’t have asked for more wonderful experience.  

Of course as we boarded the coach to head back to our hotel the band reappeared and the entire family was there offering hugs, kisses and a final vodka for anyone that was interested.

Email addresses were exchanged – new friends in the making!

Our tour hosts decided to return on better roads but SURPRISE those roads were just as bad as our earlier journey.  Itwas wonderful traveling through the local towns.  Groups of men often congregated outside – while the ladies were busy chatting inside homes.    Sunday weddings are popular too – their were celebrations in every town – a flower covered arch entrance announces the location of the wedding reception.  As we passed these  celebrations we always saw a band waiting to play music to welcome the well dressed town people and family that were walking to the special event.  

Dinner was held in an excellent Italian restaurant close to our mountain top hotel  – everyone was free tonight to order off the menu – after our wedding feast we didn’t need a big meal so most of our ordered and shared pizzas.  



This morning after breakfast we were met by Hutsul craftspeople who taught us a Master Class in Easter Egg decorating and pottery.  We decorated our very own painted Easter Eggs and created pottery vases and plates.  We also bought their supply of for sale painted eggs.  To be honest I wasn’t sure how this class would go over but it was a huge success.  We all had a fantastic time.

Lunch was in an very eclectic restaurant – wonderfully decorated.  The meal was exceptional.  The potato filled perogies melted in our mouth.  The salad and soup were excellent and beautifully presented.  The layered honey cake was a perfect ending.  

How exciting it was to ride on a chair lift to the top of a mountain for picture taking.  

Tonight’s we enjoyed a private bbq banquet on the outdoor terrace of the hotel which overlooks the mountains.  As soon as we arrived a special Hutsul orchestra performed just for us.  The chef grilled meats on the bbq and there was enough food for an army,  Afterwards we danced and got to try playing some of their orchestras musical instruments.

It was a wonderful farewell evening to the Carpathian Mountains and its people.

Tomorrow we are off to our next Mystery Destination…..

The weather remains beautiful – shorts and t-shirt temps.