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Lovin the Celebrity EDGE

Lovin the Celebrity EDGE – Western Caribbean Cruise

Saturday February 15 – En-route to Miami

My passengers all arrived at Toronto Pearson earlier that I suggested which ended up being a good thing because the lines to clear security and US customs were ridiculously long. I highly suggest that anyone flying to the USA needs to arrive at Toronto Pearson with plenty of extra time – 3 hours ahead might not always be enough.

My passengers have an advantage because once they are through the airport formalities they can relax in a premium lounge – a “Travel With Bradley” perk. Once again the Premium Lounge staff had reserved seats for our group which is a huge plus. This lounge (catering to US bound passengers) is not large. Everyone enjoyed a bountiful hot breakfast and conversation with their fellow passengers.

While in the lounge one of my passengers came to me and said “I may be reading the flight screen wrong but I think it says our flight to Miami has been cancelled”……… sadly enough that was the case so I told my passengers to stay put in the lounge and I headed to see the Air Canada staff.

At least 50 people were in line ahead of me at the Air Canada Customer Service Desk so I called my office emergency line and within minutes someone was in their car heading to the office in order to resolve this issue while others were on the phone from their homes with Air Canada and our suppliers in the USA. What an efficient, wonderful team!

I learned that new boarding passes would be printed and we would be allocated a $20.00 lunch voucher from Air Canada due to the delay.

I soon received word that the office staff secured space for all my passengers on a newly added Miami flight departing at 430pm. Our Miami Airport greeter and Coach Line were notified about our new flight details. One advantage when you travel with a group is in a situation like this, group passengers seats are usually secured first followed afterwards by individual travelers.

I gathered my passengers in an area outside of the lounge where there was ample seating and asked them to wait as I wanted to make sure we were first to get the new boarding passes. As soon as AC staff gave me the word it was a quick process picking up the new boarding passes and then we used our lunch vouchers (accepted at all food venues in the terminal).

Time zoomed by and soon we were seated on a 777 aircraft to Miami. It’s very unusual for Air Canada’s newest and largest aircraft to fly this route but two flights were involved in this change of aircraft – 450 passengers – they needed a LARGE plane to hold everyone!

During our flight I enjoyed watching, “Judy” – the award winning movie about Judy Garland. I’ll purchase a DVD copy when I get home. I don’t often find the time to see a movie but I can highly recommend this one.

Our arranged Miami greeter was waiting for us at luggage claim and soon we boarded a comfortable coach for a relatively short drive to our deluxe overnight hotel. We passed the newly opened Hard Rock Guitar shape hotel along the way – very cool.

At our hotel everyone was housed in 2 room suites – we were spoiled with so much room but after a long travel day we deserved it.

Sunday February 16 – Boarding Celebrity EDGE

After a relaxing buffet breakfast in the hotel restaurant we were anxious to get to the cruise port.

The coach driver was a real pro. He could move the motor coach around like it was Mini Cooper size.

Checking in for the Celebrity EDGE cruise was a VERY simple process. I’m surprised Celebrity hasn’t incorporated a similar process system wide but I have to wonder if there is the technology at other ports around the world to make it happen.

The Celebrity terminal that has been built especially for the EDGE is state-of-art and its very beautiful.

As usual the cruise baggage mafia was waiting for our arrival. They expect a large gratuity when handling group luggage so I look after this as soon as we arrive so my passengers are not harassed.

Once we entered the new cruise terminal we rode an escalator to the upper level, we quickly went through security (many lines) and then an agent met us, scanned our express pass and asked us a couple questions. We then walked a few more steps where our express pass was scanned again and that was it – we were on the vessel. What a seamless easy process with no lines – possibly 10 min max from start to finish – marvelous – congrats to Celebrity! I don’t believe you will find an easier cruise ship check-in process anywhere else in the world.

On board we went directly to our stateroom to pick up our room key card (in a slot next to the stateroom door) and we left our carry-on bags in the stateroom – so nice not to have to carry them around. Staterooms were officially allowed for occupancy at 1pm but most of our staterooms were already ready for occupancy when we boarded. I was able to make welcome aboard dinner reservations for my group in a speciality restaurant so I called all my passengers with the details.

The EDGE cost 1.3 billion to build – making it the most expensive ship ever built. If you appreciate design you will really admire this amazing vessel. I had a meeting with a staff member who stressed the vision of the designers and I’m so glad she did because I then noticed many design features that I may of overlooked. There is certainly plenty to admire when sailing on the EDGE.

Captain Kate is in command and she is a marketing machine. She is the first American female with the Captain role on a Mega Cruise Ship. I don’t know where she finds all of her energy. She has become a Celebrity Cruise superstar. Some passengers make a point to sail the EDGE because they want to meet her – she has a huge fan base especially with younger cruisers. My brother, Darren is one of her admirers – he has chatted with her on line and follows all her instagram posts.

I was invited to a welcome aboard reception. I knew Captain Kate would be there so my goal was to get her picture. I then had the opportunity to be in that picture. When I mentioned my brother Darren she knew who I was talking about, so she grabbed my camera and made a video for him. How fun is that!

My passengers were excited about my welcome aboard dinner invitation. We dined in one of the Speciality Restaurants (Le Bistro) – a Le Petit Chef experience. This one-of-a-kind evening was originally exclusively on the EDGE but has now expanded to other ships in the fleet. In fact my recent Antarctica group had the pleasure of enjoying two nights at the Le Petit Chef. I don’t want to tell you about this culinary experience because it more thrilling if you don’t know what to expect. My group loved it!

Tonight’s entertainment in the theatre was a piano playing comedian. It’s hard for a comedian to please everyone – some enjoyed his show while others didn’t.

I just love the EDGE infinite balcony staterooms. They are a first. This new concept adds 23 extra sq feet to the typical stateroom size (major bonus) and the views from the floor to ceiling window is beyond spectacular – this mega size window brings the spectacular outside sea views inside. Every time I walked into my stateroom that view took my breath away. When the room steward closed the veranda blind in the evening I opened it again. I often kept that window open even through the night as I enjoyed the fresh air breeze and the sound of the EDGE moving through the ocean was so relaxing.

Monday February 17 – Key West

Our day in Key West started an hour later than scheduled because another vessel hindered our entrance into a small channel that Captain Kate had to get the EDGE through before arriving at the dock but even with the delay by 8am we were able to get ashore.

I met a few interesting people at breakfast in the Cosmopolitan Restaurant – a Jewish man that lives 5 minutes from the Trump compound in West Palm Beach (he teaches Opera) and a couple from Norway who have been sailing on the EDGE for a month and then they board the Oasis of the Seas for 2 more weeks of cruising before heading back to Norway. Sadly while on this ship a family member of theirs passed – Captain Kate conducted a service for them.

Key West is a wonderful port. In fact some of my passengers enjoyed their time so much they asked me to make sure they get on my not-yet-released, Key West tour.

Key West is actually closer to Cuba than Miami.

There are 4 smaller themed dining rooms that are included in the EDGE cruise fare along with some speciality (fee) dining rooms. My passengers scattered amongst all of them this evening.

I have encouraged them to try all the different complimentary venues. Each one of these restaurants features speciality items exclusive to that venue.

I dined in the Speciality Fine Cut Steakhouse where the cuisine and service was exceptional. Many claim this is the finest fee restaurant on-board. As many of you know I am not a red meat/pork eater so I ordered the lobster that was pouched in lemon butter – so good!

Tonights production show was enjoyed by all. The main theatre onboard the EDGE is state-of-art. The stage is round and huge LED screens fill almost half the theatre so the technology is sometimes more impressive than the entertainers! The downfall is its too small for this size of ship – you need to arrive early to get a seat.

Tuesday February 18 – Day At Sea

It was a perfect weather day to be at sea – the sun was beaming and the seas were as smooth as ice.

Almost all of us gathered for an optional group luncheon in Cosmopolitan – delicious food with attentive service.

Late in the afternoon Captain Kate made an announcement that broadcast throughout the ship (even in the staterooms). She said she would be skipping the port of Costa Maya due to unrest – some protesters are closing roads etc and as Captain Kate stated her goal is to keep passengers and her crew safe. She is now going to head the EDGE directly to Cozumel and when a pier opens tomorrow evening at approx 7pm we will dock for an overnight stay.

Tonight’s dinner was at “Raw on 5” – this is not just a sushi restaurant – they have shrimp cocktail, stir fries, beef tenderloin on the menu….

Tonight’s show in the theatre was a Paul McCartney tribute – was very well done – the crowd loved it.

Wednesday February 19 – Day At Sea with Evening Arrival in Cozumel

It’s another picture perfect day.

Many of us gathered for dinner in the Cosmopolitan and later in the afternoon we enjoyed a Travel With Bradley cocktail reception in EDEN.

Captain Kate docked the EDGE at the newest port in Cozumel. A short distance from us was another pier where 2 Carnival Ships were docked.

EDEN consists of a cafe, lounge and restaurant. I dined at the restaurant this evening and the culinary experience may be one of the very best I have ever experienced. I had a prime seat overlooking the open air kitchen. The chefs here deserve to be named something other than a chef – they are true artists. Many of them work with tweezers and the 6 course meal is truly a masterpiece. I have no idea where else I could find a culinary experience quite like this one. Throughout the evening acrobats and singers performed in the restaurant. This was an added bonus that really wasn’t needed because the meal was so exceptional.

Two Carnival ships departed at 830pm and 9pm. From my balcony I had a beautiful view of their departures. I kept my balcony window open this evening. The air was fresh.

Thursday February 20 – Day In Cozumel

Eight other cruise ships joined us in Cozumel but surprisingly it wasn’t busy when I headed into downtown Cozumel. Celebrity and Royal Caribbean use the new International dock – there are a number of docks in Cozumel.

It was another beautiful day – highs of 86 and not humid.

The taxi ride to the core runs $8.00 and it doesn’t seem to matter how many people you have with you. It’s a flat $8.00. The taxis are more than plentiful and the drivers are friendly.

I meet some of my passengers in Cozumel so we explored together. You need to be willing to barter in the local shops or you are going to pay way too much. For instance I purchased a ring – first price was $250 and I walked away paying $50.00.

Not all the store fronts are occupied in the core but the majority are – name brand jewelry shops, silver shops, pharmacies (no prescription needed for many well known pharmaceuticals), souvenir shops and a few restaurants.

There are a few stores as you walk down the side streets but I noticed they offer lower quality merchandise.

There were a few armed army trucks roaming around. Of course keeping passengers safe is very important here because the cruise ships bring in much needed income.

The International port also features a number of shops along with a few chain restaurants – Margaritaville, Bubba Gumps Shrimp so its not necessary to head into the downtown core if you wish to shop.

I believe we were the first ship to depart – its quite the jaunt to Grand Cayman our next port of call, and as Captain Kate said she needs to move full speed ahead if we are going to arrive on time.

I heard wonderful things about the female entertainer who took the main stage this evening.

The light and martini show in the main atrium was entertaining – takes place twice an evening.

Friday February 21 – Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is a tender port. I was hoping that we were going to have the opportunity to use the ship life boats to get ashore because I wanted everyone to see how beautiful they are inside and out (bucket seats/televisions) but the island tender service was used probably because they offer much larger boats to get people ashore.

I was on the first tender and spent 3 hours ashore. It was a steamy day but none of us were complaining because in a couple days we are heading back to Canada’s winter temperatures.

There are a number of stores that line the Main Street – most of them carry known jewelry brands. I guess there must be enough people spending 20G on watches to keep these stores operational. Cozumel offered a wider variety of things to buy and you could find deals. Grand Cayman has always had a “very expensive island” reputation.

Some of my passengers had a blast swimming with the dolphins and many took island tours that were purchased off the ship for $25 or $20 (depending who you were dealing with).

Saturday February 22 – Day At Sea

Another beautiful day. Last night was overcast and the seas were a little choppy but by 8am the sun was beaming and the clears cleared for us.

The balcony blind in my stateroom stays open all the time and I leave the window open some but the weather must have been blustery through the night as I noticed that Captain Kate must have hit the button to close all the balcony windows because it was closed when I awoke.

I start my day at Cafe al Bacio, where the staff member named, Princess brings me a Chai Latte made with Almond Milk. I notice the same passengers early every morning at this cafe. Every once in a while one of my group members spots me in the cafe and we enjoy a great chat.

I then head to the eatery at EDEN for a very light breakfast – fruit bowl. The EDEN eatery is never busy – its a hidden gem with a very limited but high quality menu.

Finally I visit the Tuscan Grille which is reserved for those who have sailed many times with Celebrity. I stay just long enough to enjoy a smoothie and then I am on my way.

At 1030am my passengers gathered for my disembarkation briefing.

That was followed by a private galley tour “just for us”.

Finally we gathered for a Farewell Cocktail Party in EDEN. It wasn’t busy so we had choice of seating.

The weather turned this evening – stormy, rainy and very windy. The EDGE due to its latest technology design easily handles miserable weather.

I had a reservation at the Rooftop Garden Grill. It’s the only speciality restaurant that I hadn’t dined in. I called to make sure they were still accommodating guests in this weather and they said yes. I ended up being the only one brave enough to eat outside (covered overhead) so I had two executive chefs and two wait staff looking after me. They brought me a blanket to wrap around me – the outside temperature was more than comfortable – it was the wind that was a challenge. The meal was exceptional. They have a special smoker that they use when cooking so the meats/fish are full of flavor. I didn’t order a dessert but they surprised me with one. A freshly baked cookie prepared in a cast iron pan, topped with ice cream. I was videotaping the dessert and the weather when a huge gust of wind came up and literally blew everything off the table. Luckily it just missed me. This is the best form of calorie control – the dessert looked so good!

Tonight’s production show in the theatre is the highest rated in the Celebrity fleet. The impressive thing about the EDGE theatre is the massive LED Screen that circles much of the theatre. The cast of singers and dancers are young and full of talent. I miss not having a live band behind them.

Sunday, February 23 – Homeward Bound

Remember I told you how easy it was boarding the EDGE. Getting off the ship was just as quick. I had my passengers gather in the theatre – we were the first group to disembark at 8:45am. When we walked into the arrival terminal we walked up to a terminal with face recognition capability. We all received the green light meaning we did not require any screening from a customs official. We then collected our luggage – only a handful with our #11 tags so quick to find. We then walked through the nothing to declare line and we were done. I called Adrian our coach driver and within 5 minutes he arrived at the terminal – we loaded luggage and were on our way. There were massive traffic jams due to traffic merging to one lane due to highway construction but we were in a special lane and avoided all the mess.

Dealing with Air Canada in Miami was a treat. They gave me 2 exclusive agents to check our group in so once again the process was very quick. They even offered to pre-board us on the flight ahead of the other passengers.

I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Space on the Air Canada Rogue airbus was tight so I’m glad that the flight was just 3 hours. The young crew was friendly.

We arrived back to 4C temps and sunny skies but after such a wonderful cruise we are relaxed and tanned! Thanks to my wonderful passengers.

1000 KING Penguins “WELCOME” 24 Canadians!

1000 KING Penguins “Welcome” 24 Canadians!

Tuesday, January 28/20

Our Falkland Islands experience was an “one of a kind” adventure.

Over a year and half ago I contacted the very best Falkland Island tour operator in order to book my passengers on his Falkland Island Volunteer Point excursion so we could visit the home of over 1000 King Penguins.

Only 200 visitors a day are offered the opportunity to visit Volunteer Point. There are 3000 passengers on the Celebrity Eclipse and over 2000 passengers on the Holland America Amsterdam which was also in port today so very get to mingle with the King Penguins.

I discussed this excursion with my passengers a number of times over the past year so they were very prepared for the day. We were ready to go ashore at 7am.

My experience paid off as I figured a way to get us off early – we were all on the first tender which ended up being a HUGE benefit. Boarding was a challenge because it was very windy and the sea was very choppy. I estimate the crossing took a good 20 mimutes. Getting off the tender was a bit of a challenge too because of the deteriorating weather conditions. The local operator was waiting for us. He was surprised that the ships tender service was operating.

We met our 6 very professional drivers and boarded their 4 x 4 vehicles. We were put on hold while the ship staff and port authorities debated what to do about the turbulent tender process.

Due to weather and sea conditions the Falkland Island port authority closed the port and tender service stopped but lucky for us we were already on the island.

Shortly we heard an announcement that tender services wouldn’t attempt to re-start until 3pm so we were told to start our journey. Communication on Falklands is a challenge – cell phones did not work where we traveled and wifi was non-existent.

Holland America didn’t end up unloading any passengers so when the port closed they departed.

Celebrity was in a bit of a bind – they also wanted to sail but there were around 300 passengers that got ashore and leaving us behind would be a major issue.

Volunteer Point is one of the worlds most unique destinations – its an adventure getting there which adds to the experience. The majority of the drive is through farmers fields – the farmer owns 55000 acres – our drivers were excellent and did the best to make the ride as smooth as possible by driving carefully and slowly but we still bounced all over the place – this is true off-roading – definitely a fun “amusement park” type experience.

Part way through our journey there was a washroom break at a farm facilities. There was also a bakery stand here for anyone that felt like a treat.

We were 30 minutes from Volunteer Point traveling through the farmers field when we received notice by radio for us to head back to the pier – weather conditions worsened.

In our 4×4 convoy there was another group in 6 vehicles – they turned around and we followed but our drivers started chatting and couldn’t understand the command for us to turn around especially since tenders were not running. They decided to be defiant and wanted to “make sure” that we needed to return. After a number of back and forth radio communications we heard a “Let’s Go To See Some Penguins” announcement so our 6 drivers turned their vehicles towards Volunteer Point and away we went.

Volunteer Point is a special place but it was extra special for us because my group of 24 + 2 Americans were the only ones there!

Before we got out of the vehicles to start our stroll another radio message arrived from the ship – we needed to be back by 2pm. This allowed us 40 minutes to “Walk With The Penguins”. I made sure my passengers understood we needed to adhere to this demand. We had more than enough time to get our wonderful pictures. Everyone was beaming when we arrived back to the vehicles. What an AMAZING experience.

It felt like we were competing on “The Amazing Race” as our experienced drivers headed back to the ship. My passengers even passed up the scheduled washroom break as they knew we needed to return to the ship.

Typically after visiting the Falkland Islands there is a long line of passengers waiting to re-board tender boats sailing to the ship. When we arrived at the pier there was a tender waiting “just for us”. Our local operator personally walked us to ship security and re-confirmed our passenger count with them. The ship staff was paged so they knew we were on our way and we were ushered on the tender.

There was a welcoming committee waiting for us when we arrived back on board – the documents officer and the hotel manager from Poland who I have dealt with on other cruises greeted us with big smiles. They were holding trays of hot chocolate to warm us up but the weather conditions had improved majorly – blue skies and next to no wind.

They kindly asked for us not to “spread the word” about our amazing experience on Falkland Island – after all over 2700 passengers did not get the opportunity to visit the Falklands but the 24 of us had enjoyed an “experience of a lifetime” with 1000 King Penguins.

Like they say “the early bird gets the worm”!

When I eventually find time to write my book this day will easily fill a chapter!

NOTE – Pictures will follow when wifi service improves.

Welcome to the “End of the World”!

Welcome to the “End of the World”

January 24/20 – Cape Horn, Chile

It was a spectacular morning at Cape Horn.

As I write, Cape Horn – the tip of South America is viewable in the distance – its almost 7am. In a matter of minutes we’ll sail around this famous point. I’ve been lucky to have sailed around the tip of South America a number of times but I’ve never experienced seas as calm and skies as clear as today. There is barely a ripple in the water! Often visiting here is a “hold on to the railing” experience. We are fortunate for sure. Even our naturalist announced that today offered us the most perfect Cape Horn weather conditions she has ever experienced.

Our stay at the horn was 45 minutes. The Captain was gracious allowing equal time to view from the Starboard and Port side of the Celebrity Eclipse. From our balcony staterooms we had a front row seat. There was no reason to venture to the deck.

Remember in this part of the world one has to take the attitude that there is no poor weather – just poor clothing choices…..

Winds, the Drake Passage, currents along with Antarctica icebergs makes this “the end of the world” adventure a challenging one. In the past many mariners lost their lives in these waters.

Prior to the completion of the Panama Canal all trade ships were forced to sail around Cape Horn. Now there is little cargo traffic but Cape Horn provides a thrill for the most adventurous tourist traveler.

At Cape Horn its important to look at the sea and not just the land as there are a wide variety of whales, albatross and other birds to see.

The lighthouse at Cape Horn is manned in 6 month rotations.

Unlike many sailors from years ago, how fortunate we are to experience these waters in a safe, luxurious vessel.

After our wonderful visit our Eclipse Captain turned the ship south to Antarctica and we said our farewells to the souls of many “Cape Horn” mariners.

As luck would have it the Drake Passage waters were unusually smooth – there was barely a ripple in the water. There is often more motion in the Caribbean Sea than what we experienced during our Drake crossing. The notorious Drake Shake didn’t even attempt to make an appearance.

We all gathered for lunch in the dining room and my passengers were asking me when the seas were going to get rough…. some cruise passengers will be disappointed that we didn’t experience the Drake Shake but my passengers are lovin this smooth sailing experience.

January 25/20 – Schollart Channel/Paradise Bay ANTARCTICA

Welcome to the bottom of the world – “Antarctica” – also known the loneliest place on earth.

The Grandeur of Antarctica makes it an intriguing destination for all and we are finally here!

Antarctica is a “one of a kind” amazing destination that few will have the opportunity to experience. Even though I have luckily visited here a few times, this experience always brings me and many of my passengers to tears – happy ones. The world is an amazing place with many spectacular destinations but Antarctica is one of those “I just can’t believe I am here” places. Antarctica is also our cruise directors favourite destination.

Celebrity only has two sailings a year visiting Antarctica – who sails these waters is very restricted. We are making history today as the Eclipse is the LARGEST cruise ship that has ever sailed through these waters.

Antarctica is the coldest and windiest continent on earth. This journey is during their “summer” but the weather is more severe than our Canadian “winter”! We can’t imagine what their winter brings.

During the Morning we sailed Schollart Channel. In these waters we spotted many Humpbacks and Orca whales – one has to be aware as their colour blends into the steel coloured Antarctica waters.

We passed many massive natural sculptures called “icebergs” – all shapes and sizes – ice covers 98% of Antarctica. Above the water we see just 1/10 of the iceberg and 90% is under the water.

Just like a snowflake no iceberg is the same. Glacier icebergs are made from fresh water – hundreds or possibly thousands years of annual snowfall becomes very compressed and the bluer the iceberg the purer the water. An iceberg is 4 times more dense than the ice cubes in your freezer at home.

Antartica attracts the largest number of whales in the world. They navigate here because there is plenty of food which of course is most important for their survival – they eat a half ton in 22 hours and then take an eating break for 2 hours….

During the afternoon we visited famous, Paradise Bay. While the name may sound akin to some tropical getaway, this shimmering inlet is actually carved out of Antarctica’s mainland. It’s water a bit chilly unless you are a penguin or seal. This bay is home to a pair of naval bases.

The Captain allowed us extended views of this beautiful place. He made sure that those on both the port and starboard side of the Eclipse experienced wonderful views.

Today the penguins were not very sociable but the whales were plentiful.

Our Antarctica day was remarkable.

January 26/20

Today we continued to explore Antartica – Elephant Island.

One of the striking features about Elephant Island is that it’s glaciers are always on the move. This island is home to the biggest collection of glaciers that I have ever seen. As we approached the island we were welcomed by many penguins. It was very easy to grab pictures of them and they entertained us during our entire stay,

The fog was thick as we approached Elephant Island but it soon vanished on our arrival – how lucky!

After another wonderful Antarctica day it was tragic to learn about the passing of Kobe Bryan. I heard the first breaking news report on Fox News. Of course his passing was the topic of discussion throughout the ship.

On this cruise I’ve enjoyed my conversations with an acupuncturist from California. We discussed the Kobe Bryant tragedy shortly after we both heard the news. He explained that Buddhists believe that one needs to experience sorrow in order to know the feeling of happiness….. The world is big so we should see as much of it until it’s dark.

January 27/20

A day at sea – choppy seas this morning but calm seas and sunny skies arrived in the afternoon.

My passengers and I enjoyed a private tour of the ships galley lead by the head chef. His in-depth tour was appreciated by all- my passengers said it was the finest galley tour they have ever experienced.

We all gathered for lunch in the dining room.

Later we returned for a “Le Petit Chef” culinary dinner experience. My passengers enjoyed last weeks “Le Petit Chef” experience so much my they wanted to return. This weeks 3D show and menu was a totally new experience. Once again we all loved it.

NOTE – Pictures will follow when wifi access improves

Antarctica Bound

Friday, January 17/20

The Robert Q shuttle driver had to contend with heavy Friday afternoon Toronto traffic so we arrived at Toronto Pearson 30 minutes later than scheduled.

My group of 24 gathered and met me at 645pm. It took some convincing but I was able to arrange a private Air Canada check-in for us so it was a really quick process. There was no wait at security either we soon were in the Lounge enjoying food and beverages (a “Travel With Bradley” perk). The staff in the premium lounge knew we were coming so they graciously reserved seats for us.

The 777-300 Air Canada aircraft was filled to capacity. Temperatures in Toronto were frigid, ice formed on the wings of the aircraft so the Captain had to have the plane de-iced.

The young flight attendants worked hard. The 2 meals that were served (choice for both dinner and breakfast) were very good.

Most of my passengers had a good rest on the flight to Santiago, Chile.

When I put this tour together many months ago Air Canada was flying direct to Buenos Aires but that didn’t route didn’t last long. The route now stops in Santiago and continues to Buenos Aires. In Santiago we got off the plane and went through security while the plane was cleaned and serviced,

Saturday, January 18/20

When we arrived temperatures in Santiago had already reached 88F and the sun was beaming. The continuation flight to Buenos Aires took 2 hours. We had a beautiful view of the Andes Mountains on take off and lunch was served.

After going through immigration in Buenos Aires, we gathered our luggage and were warmly welcomed by our professional guide, Anna.

We enjoyed a brief city tour on our way to our hotel – 5 star Sofitel. The last group I brought to Antarctica also stayed at a Buenos Aires Sofitel but that mansion location closed and this new Sofitel opened. It’s a stunning hotel in the most prestigious residential area of Buenos Aires. An upscale shopping mall is located across the street from the hotel and a quality handicraft market is a short stroll away.

Dinner was at one of the top steak houses in the city. Our leisurely paced, dinner was superb.


Sunday, January 19/20

After a bountiful breakfast in the elegant Sofitel boutique dining room we continued our city tour.

Lunch was at a top quality buffet restaurant.

We arrived at the port around 2pm. It’s a bit of a process checking in for a cruise in Buenos Aires. We were given a number and were eventually called to go through security. Check in followed. We then boarded coaches and headed to the Celebrity Eclipse – 5 minute drive through industrial port. Once we boarded the Celebrity Eclipse we were presented with a champagne toast. Our staterooms were ready. We attended an innovative safety drill and soon after we started to sail.

I invited my passengers to a “Welcome Dinner” -the Speciality Restaurant “Le Petit Chef 3D Dining Experience” was superb. The 3D “show” was so awesome ALL my passengers asked me to arrange a repeat experience later during the cruise.

It took 3 sailing days to reach Ushuaia – the southern most city in the world. Every day the sea was as smooth as ice but temperatures continued to fall day after day. Surprisingly there were still brave passengers laying outside next to the pool wearing bikinis!

During our sea days there were so many activities to attend, it was impossible to do everything.

My passengers gather daily for lunch in the dining room. As always enjoy mingling with one another.

The nightly entertainment in the theatre has been excellent. We especially enjoyed “Horizon” a entertaining Mo-Town 3 piece group based in Detroit. I think that show would be a wonderful addition to the “Walters Theatre” schedule – I’ll be providing my brother, Darren with their contact information.

Celebrity is well know for its excellent cuisine.

The Celebrity Eclipse was awarded “Best Ship in Fleet” for 2019. Its an honor that its crew wants to continue.

Thursday, January 23/20

We enjoyed our time in Ushuaia – the southern most city in the world. The weather was perfect. In fact during the afternoon temperatures reached 60F. This is the base for Antarctica cruises – a number of exploration ships are in port ready to make their journey through the Drake Passage. The Celebrity Eclipse is by far the largest ship making this journey (just 2 times this year). We hope that the Drake Passage is kind to us and does not provide a “Drake Shake” experience!

Tomorrow we will sail around the tip of South America – Cape Horn.

It will be a few days before I have wifi access once again.

Sorry, I would have attached many more pictures to this blog post but wifi connection is not powerful enough to upload them. I’ve been able to post pictures on Facebook – “Travel With Bradley” and “Bradley Walters”.

We are having an awesome time. You can’t beat a Celebrity Cruise Experience and how lucky we are to be sailing to exotic Antarctica.

Ukraine – What An Exceptional Journey

January 8, 2020

This morning after breakfast we headed to a nearby community so we could visit their Yaremche market which attracts locals by the bus load and tourists from around the world. The vendors carry all kinds of items – handicrafts, homemade liquors, dried berries, honey, souvenirs …. the list goes on and on.

Last time I was in Ukraine I purchased small handmade hutsul figures made by a talented man from a mountain village. I went back to the same market vendor that sold them and when he learned I returned from Canada he went in the back of his shop and brought out the finest work from this artist. I purchased a few more them to add to my collection.

Lunch was in a beautiful restaurant that has been visited by many Ukraine Presidents and Celebrity’s. Once again a superb meal.

This afternoon my passengers had time to enjoy the spa and pool area at our hotel. Some enjoyed people watching in the massive lobby – the hotel attracts a trendy international crowd.

Dinner was at a quaint, very special restaurant that overlooks the ski village. There was a sign saying that it is only open in the winter. We have enjoyed so many excellent meals during this tour but the cooks in this restaurant prepared for us one of of the tastiest feasts. Its common in many of the restaurants and at homes that you start with the First Table – a variety of cold dishes – salads, pickles, fish, cold meats…. Soup often follows and mushroom seems to be the most common one. The entrees were excellent. The dessert was a pumpkin cake that our guide. Taras grew up eating – its called Zapikanaa (means baked). I want to see if I can find a recipe when I get home.

January 9, 2020

We said farewell to the staff at the Radisson Blu, Bukovel. We got to know a few of them during our 4 night stay.

Through the night there was enough freezing rain to make the ski hills very icy. I went out on my hotel room balcony and as the skiers passed I could hear how icy the conditions were.

We ended up departing on time but our driver had to take his time driving through the mountains. There were a number of car accidents.

Chernivtis is known as the “Small Vienna in the East” – its our home for 2 nights. Our charming boutique hotel is located on one of the town squares. It’s interior is very ornate – lovely.

Today is the 3rd Christmas Day Celebration – “angel day” – named after Steven/Stephanie.

Our elegant luncheon featured a shrimp/salmon salad and bbq pork chops – enjoyed by all.

We explored the pedestrian street before our special evening.

Tonight we savoured cuisine prepared by a popular Ukrainian chef in a traditional, beautifully decorated traditional restaurant. At the next table was a young man from Western Australia who is touring Ukraine for a month.

It’s customary that different groups entertain for donations after Christmas. Members from the local Philharmonic entertained us. They were terrific.

As a “Travel With Bradley” SURPRISE the very talented group “Gerdan” performed for us for over 30 minutes. These are professional locals (doctors/lawyers etc) that sing because they love it. There harmonies were so beautiful. Just fantastic!

An exceptional evening – a tour highlight for sure!

January 10, 2020

The breakfast room in our boutique hotel is a very relaxing space. Oversize plush dining chairs add to its elegance.

Our bubbly, local city guide also teaches German at the local university. She was wearing a traditional Ukrainian head scarf that was handmade and painted in Canada many years ago. At that time it was considered a valuable work of art that showed wealth so one would be willing trade five cows in order to get one of them. To this day her Grandmother cherishes this scarf and didn’t want her to wear it but her Mother said go ahead.

She did a wonderful job showing us the city sights. I was surprised when she received permission for us to enter the synagogue – a first time experience for all of us.

We toured the most impressive University buildings and the adjacent Orthodox Church.

Lunch was in an awesome modern Jewish Restaurant. This restaurant was not kosher. It’s interior design and cuisine impressed all of us.

After lunch we toured a display that highlighted Ukrainian Canadians – made us feel proud.

We then continued to one of the largest markets in Ukraine. This one attracts more locals than tourists. It was interesting walking through its maze. Those that needed to buy “new suitcases” to hold their many purchases found deals here.

Dinner was in our boutique hotel. Once again an impressive affair.

January 11, 2020

On our way back to the beautiful city of Lviv we stopped at a Christmas Orthodox Church. This is the second one we visited during this journey. There are a handful of them throughout the country.

When we reached Lviv we dined in a very unique restaurant that highlights the Masons. It’s design is one of a kind – this is one of the priciest restaurants in the city. It’s cuisine is top notch.

After checking into our hotel there was some time to explore the Christmas and handicrafts markets before we boarded a tourist train for an informative city tour.

Dinner was in one of the highest rated restaurants in the city. It’s another really unique one. For the size of Lviv its impressive how many world-class restaurants there are. This one is known for a number of things including a multi-story shark aquarium, variety of live music, thousands of plants and a brewery!

January 12, 2020

After breakfast we boarded a “private for us” tourist coach for a tour. We stopped at a famous cemetery which was unlike anything we have seen before.

The Christmas theme of this tour continued when we took our prime seats in the glamorous Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre for an odd time 12 noon performance of the “Nutcracker”. It was worth the admission just to see the stunning theatre and the “Nutcracker” ballet was the icing on the cake!

I loved where we dined for lunch. It was a very small, intimate restaurant with so much character. Chicken Kiev was the main course – the best ever!

We had a bit of time in the afternoon for last minute shopping or exploring. Taras kindly took me to see the newest 5 star hotels in the city and we rushed through the local brewery so I could see what it had to offer.

Tonight was our farewell banquet and it was so impressive. First of all we were in an special space that a tourist would never know exists. As a “Travel With Bradley” surprise there was a 6 piece band hired to entertain just us – they performed a variety of music using traditional instruments. Some of us were up dancing. The cuisine was exceptional and the wine flowed.

I could have easily promoted this journey as a culinary one. The cuisine in the top restaurants we visited easily compares or exceeds the quality of the “finest” big city restaurants (like Toronto) at home.

January 13, 2020

We didn’t need to leave for the airport until 11am this morning so many of my passengers slept in and enjoyed a late breakfast. Some grabbed some last minute souvenirs when the stores opened at 10am. Our boutique hotel was so centrally located in the old town, the stores and markets were just a few steps away.

It was a teary farewell – thanks to our amazing local guide, Taras and coach driver, Paul.

Lufthansa airport check-in was tardy but that is typical in Europe. We still had ample time to grab a snack of coffee before our flight to Munich. The flight was full. We had to go through security once again (EU Country) after we landed and that was a tedious process. It was a hike to our connecting gate.

We flew a Lufthansa A350-900 aircraft to Montreal. The crew and food they served was really good – yes, we were pleasantly surprised.

Poor wintery weather conditions in Montreal delayed our arrival in Toronto where there was no snow.

What an amazing journey – one of the finest yet!

Finding Family Roots – An “Once In A Lifetime” Adventure…..

Unfortunately I know little about my family background. The only official family document from my Mothers side is a Great Aunt’s (Grandfathers Sister) birth certificate.

The first time I visited Ukraine I brought a copy of that birth certificate but soon realized after talking with a few Ukrainians that finding family root information is a difficult process, I tried but came home with no information,

When I recently travelled to Romania with a group of passengers I tried again to gather information with no success.

The day before I left on this current journey to Ukraine, Mom reminded me to bring the birth certificate along.

In conversation with Taras, our local guide I told him about the birth certificate and he offered to examined it. He understood some of the writing but he thought our city tour guide in Chernovtsy could possibly provide more insight.

She joined us for lunch and then asked me if she could examine the birth certificate. She also showed it to the front of house staff in the restaurant, A chef eventually appeared from the kitchen and she was the key because after she looked at it, voices sounded excited and I saw big smiles – they figured out the location of the village listed on the birth certificate. I was surprised to learn that it was just a 30 minutes drive from our Chernovtsy Hotel.

We then continued touring (was an excellent day) and at 330pm we had some free time to do as we wished before dinner.

I realized this was my opportunity to “possibly” visit the village I just learned about so I asked Taras if it might be possible for me to hire a driver to take me there, I wanted to take a few village pictures so I could share them with my family at home. He said he knew a driver that might be available and within 5 minutes that driver was on his way to pick me up.

Everything was happening so quickly!

My driver was a young, very professional man – who holds a University Major in English. He drives a KIA which cost him $5000 Canadian and it currently has over 100000 km on it. The car was spotless inside and out.

Very unusual for this time of year, fog was thick as we started out, The fogs erie look added to the adventure. He knew the village we were in search of as he often drives by it when visiting his mother-in-law.

The road sign announcing the village was faded – I feel its look added to the mystery.

I would consider this village that consists of 600 homes to be poor but my driver explained that its location close to the city increases the property values. Old and new homes are next to one another and line both sides of bad shape road. The towns terrain is very hilly.

We stopped at the Orthodox Church. It’s the most beautiful one I’ve seen during this journey. There were a few graves of priests marked with large blue crosses. My driver explained that years ago Blue and Green were the most popular paint colours as they were the most inexpensive colours to buy.

There homeowners dig wells so they have a water supply and some villagers still use out-houses,

Wealthier homeowners often build their own chapels,

It was getting dark and I noticed that no lights were on in most of the town homes (cost saver).

Eventually we came across a middle age lady who was opening the gate of her home. My driver stopped his vehicle and started a conversation with her. Since they were conversing in Ukrainian the only word I understood was “Canada” and once she heard the word she peered in the car so she could look at me. Unfortunately she had no family information to share.

My driver then continued down the village road and came across 2 gentleman, He started a conversation with them and within a minute he told me to get out of the car in order to meet them, Once again I heard the word “Canada” in their conversation.

The man went into his house to grab a cellular phone. He started calling a number of town folk – I kept hearing the word “Canada” during the conversations,

I could tell by the tone of his voice that he wasn’t getting any answers so he suggested that we visit the village “old-timer” to see if he had any information to share, We walked to the gate of his home but heard a vicious sounding dog, Then all the neighbour dogs started barking. He started speaking in a loud voice in hope the homeowner would hear. There were three small homes on this very small parcel of land. A lady came out of one of the houses to see what we wanted.

The “Canada” conversation started again and she left to chat with her Dad. She came out of his house shortly after and invited us in.

The interior of his home was like entering a time warp. I don’t think he is in good health – he spoke with a weak voice. His tiny home consists of one very small room. The walls are lined with religious figure blankets. His double size bed fills most of the space. He was sitting at a small desk watching television when we entered,

The conversation continued. My driver often turned to me to say that the old-timer was trying to recall memories of my family members but I could tell he wasn’t going to be any help,

A telephone call suddenly came in when that conversation started faces lit up – my driver told me that the person calling located my “relatives” so we jumped in the car and my driver drove to meet them, I misunderstood and thought we were heading to the next village but we travelled just a short distance down the road to find a family of four waiting outside to greet me – husband age 40/wife/2 children.

Their facial expressions looked like they just saw a ghost – ME. The gentleman held his cheeks in surprise that their “long lost relative” had arrived from Canada. I was welcomed into their home and was told that originally this was my “relatives” home but since then it has been renovated inside and out, He explained that the homes large green wood stove that was manufactured in Austria is the same one my “relatives” used to heat the house.

His Mother and Father soon arrived from a neighbouring village. They kindly greeted me with hugs and offered me food, homemade donuts, beverages.,,,

In conversation they kept referring to my Grandfather but my Grandfather was born in Canada so “possibly” they mean’t my Great Grandfather? They claim they are the only family with the same surname as my Grandfather that has ever lived in that village.

Could this family possibly be relatives? I plan on doing some more research in co-operation with Ukrainians who specialize in this – they can search church records and visit with locals and the town mayor who is usually willing to help out.

No amount of money could buy this amazing experience. After I returned to our overnight hotel my passengers were anxious to hear how I made out. They are so excited for me,

This “family” story continues to be an ongoing saga but I feel that I’m much closer to finding the details I am looking for – so the adventure continues – stay tuned,,,

Ukraine – a true Cultural Experience

I’d like to start this blog post by thanking all of you who contacted my passengers and I after the terrible Ukrainian International Airline tragedy that took so many Canadian lives. I can tell you we are touched knowing you were worried about us but as you know at no time have we been in any danger. We are very much enjoying our time in Ukraine but our hearts are with the many families that lost loves ones. Just minutes ago I learned that Iran shot down that aircraft – how tragic.

January 8, 2020

This morning after breakfast we headed to Yaremche, a local community so we could visit their market which attracts locals by the bus load and tourists from around the world. The vendors carry all kinds of items – handicrafts, homemade liquors, dried berries, honey, souvenirs …. the list goes on and on.

Last time I was in Ukraine I purchased small handmade hutsul figures made by a talented artist from a local town. I went back to the same market vendor and when the seller heard I was from Canada he went in the back of his shop and brought out the finest work from this artist. I purchased a few more to add to my collection.

The market is located on both sides of a picturesque river. This picture doesn’t do the scenery justice.

Lunch was in a beautiful restaurant that has been visited by many Ukraine Presidents and Celebrity’s. Once again a superb meal. Caviar was served and the chef shreds the butter which is placed on the table making a nice presentation,

On the way back to our hotel we stopped at an interesting brewery – it was packed with locals getting “plastic bottles” filled with their favourite brew.

We also made a stop to see the upside down house – yes even the toilet is upside down!

This afternoon my passengers had time to enjoy the spa and pool area at our resort. Some enjoyed people watching in the massive lobby – this deluxe 5 star hotel attracts an international crowd.

Dinner was at a quaint, very special restaurant that overlooks the ski community. There was a sign saying that it is only open in the winter. We have enjoyed so many excellent meals during this tour but the cooks in this restaurant prepared one of our best meals yet. Its common in many of the restaurants and at homes that there is the First Table – a variety of cold dishes – salads, pickles, cold meats…. Soup often follows and mushroom seems to be the most common one. The main course entrees were served next. The dessert was a pumpkin cake that Tarus our guide grew up lovin when his Grandmother made it – its called Zapikanaa (means baked). I want to see if I can find a recipe when I get home.

January 9, 2020

We breakfast said farewell to the staff at the Radisson Blu, Bukovel. We got to know a few of them during our 4 night stay.

Through the night freezing rain fell making the ski hills very icy. I went out on my hotel room balcony and as the brave skiers passed I could hear the ice crackle in the snow.

We ended up departing on time but our driver had to take his time driving through the mountains so we were an hour behind schedule.

Chernivtis is known as the “Small Vienna in the East” – its our home for 2 nights. The pedestrian street looks like a movie set!

Our charming boutique 5 star hotel is located on one of the town squares. It’s interior is very ornate – lovely.

Today is the 3rd Christmas Day Celebration – “angel day” – named after Steven/Stephanie.

Our elegant restaurant luncheon featured a shrimp/salmon salad and bbq pork chops – enjoyed by all.

We explored the pedestrian street and area around our hotel before our special evening.

Tonight we savoured cuisine prepared by a popular Ukrainian chef in a traditional, beautifully decorated traditional restaurant. At the adjacent table was a young man from Western Australia who is touring Ukraine for a month.

As a “Travel With Bradley” SURPRISE the very talented group “Gerdan” performed for us. They were terrific. These entertainers are local professionals – doctors/lawyers etc who love to sing and their harmonies were beautiful.

What a wonderful evening – a tour highlight for sure!

An Ukrainian Christmas Experience is Awesome!

An Ukrainian Christmas Experience is Awesome!

January 5/20

We started the day by enjoying a wonderful breakfast in our deluxe Lviv hotel. The buffet certainly pleases all tastes. There is the Ukrainian offerings – salad, sausage, pickles, dark rye bread etc plus everything North Americans are use to eating – cereals, bacon, eggs, yogurts. For everyone there were some special treats like melt-in-your-mouth freshly made cream puffs!

After breakfast we gathered in the hotel lobby where we met our wonderful local guide, Taras and we boarded our coach with driver “Uncle” Paul, and soon we were on our way.

Lunch was in a converted train station restaurant (community of Kolomiya). This is Taras’s favourite restaurant and I can understand why – the feast they prepared just for us was exceptional. The setting was so nice with a wood burning fireplace next to our long table.

The town markets, butcher shops and bakeries were packed with locals buying supplies for Christmas. There was a tiny building located across the road from the restaurant we dined in – they just sell freshly baked bread and there was a steady stream of people buying it.

We stopped at the Easter Egg Pysanka Museum. What a fun attraction. The Easter eggs on display are works of art – many are decades old.

We also stopped at the Hutsulshchyna Museum – it was interesting too – we saw a impressive embroidery work, traditional clothing and exceptional art work. So impressive for a small community.

Our home for 4 nights is at Bukovel, the largest ski resort in Eastern Europe. Rumor had it that the President of Ukraine might be staying at our hotel – its the highest rated one – Radisson Blu. There were 2 passenger helicopters stationed on the resort property – maybe for the President?

The hotel lobby is all decked out for Christmas.

Our rooms are beautiful. I enjoy the added touches like the heated floors in the bathroom. I booked the very deluxe rooms that overlook the adjacent ski hill.

Dinner was a casual affair. The hotel buffet included hot mulled wine – my passengers enjoyed that. Tonight we could come at our leisure but as I expected my passengers still ended up eating together – what a terrific family!

January 6/20

The breakfast buffet at the Radisson Blu, Bucaval is one of the finest hotel buffets I’ve experienced anywhere in the world. There is so much variety and everything is just delicious. Mushroom and Potato filled perogies are found right next to the fried eggs – there are so many hot items, omelette bar, fresh fruit, decadent pastries, salads, smoothies, varieties of coffee and teas, juices – you can order a la carte too and the sweet pancakes served with sour cream are a hit….

We started our Christmas Eve Day journey at 9am. What a beautiful day. The temperature was wintery crisp but the sun shone brightly. Luckily the road conditions were ideal.

“Uncle” Paul our coach driver made a few scenery stops along the way so we could snap some pictures. A small town proudly displayed a life size wooden carved nativity scene. The Carpathian Mountain vistas were spectacular – as my passengers said a picture could never do them justice.

As we drove through one rural village the driver pulled over as a traditional funeral procession passed by. It was quite something to see – my passengers said although a very sad occasion – its something they won’t forget.

In the Carpathian rural communities the deceased is laid in the family home. Friends and family come to pay respect. This is a country filled with superstitions so mirrors are covered in the family home while the body is on display. When the body is taken from the home, chairs etc are turned in an opposite direction.

The body is carried through the town with the casket open. The processional we saw consisted of family members holding banners, four young men carrying the casket and of course there was obvious grief in the faces of those that passed. The processional proceeded right past our coach.

It is believed if someone passes at Christmas or Easter that their bodies go directly to heaven.

Tradition is tradition and its nice that tradition is so important in this country,

Lunch was in a small town in their wedding banquet hall. Everything was extremely modern except for the washroom facilities. Although spotless clean with sink and hand dryer the “toilet” was the squat kind…. it was the major topic of discussion during lunch!

We were running ahead of time so our guide, Taras was able to arrange a stop for us in a very small mountain village (few homes) where they specialize in hand making wool rugs. A lady greeted us and explained the process. Let me tell you making them is very laborious. Two of us purchased one – now how will we get them home? It took 2 weeks for the local ladies to make the rug I purchased – the cost to buy only $80 Canadian…. the average wage in this country is $200 Canadian per month….

Our Christmas Eve itinerary is one that we will remember for years to come.

First we so enjoyed a horse drawn sleigh ride with bells a ringing through the Carpathian Mountains to our hosts home.

We were welcomed with a mug of hot fresh Mint Tea. We toured the great Grandparents home, the Parents home, the cattle and chicken barn, visited the family outdoor chapel and then retired to the children’s home where the festive activities took place.

We were able to help with perogie making in the modern kitchen before we took our seats for a traditional Ukrainian Christmas Eve Dinner where a minimum of 12 non-meat dishes are always served.

It was emotional when the family took their seats with us – parents, children and grandchildren. The food was blessed and the Grandmother welcomed us.

We tried to count how many plates of food there were on the table but lost track well after 12 – its tradition to start with the Kutia, a sweet buckwheat type of a stew which is often prepared a few days in advance. Eating fish on Christmas Eve is allowed so herring was prepared 3 different ways. Of course there were the many traditional homemade moonshine shots. Before long we were so pleasantly full.

Entertainment followed the meal – the grandchildren sang, two local children (one being an orphan) told stories in Ukrainian and sang, and finally it was the adults turn – traditional instruments appeared and Ukrainian carols were sung. I was given a guitar to play so my passengers and I entertained by singing our traditional Christmas songs.

What an incredible evening! We are blessed to be welcomed into a family home during the most religious holiday of the year.

The eventing reminded us of the importance of family at Christmas.

As Paul drove us back to our hotel we passed through many Carpathian Mountain towns where we saw young children dressed in traditional Christmas outfits as they walk from home to home singing carols or they perform a play. The home owner in return presents them them cash or fresh fruit.

The cemeteries were lit with hundreds of candles – before Christmas Eve dinner many families visit the graves of departed love ones and they light candles.

We arrived back at our resort just after 10pm and the lobby area was filled with families celebrating the evening. Many children were around the Christmas Tree.

January 7, 2020

It’s Christmas Day in Ukraine – how wonderful for us!

Today we experienced another true cultural experience.

We traveled back into the Carpathian Mountains to the community of Kryvorivnia.

On Christmas Day children dress in theatre costumes and in rural towns they stop vehicles and put on a skit or sing Christmas Carols. I was pleased we had the opportunity to experience it when our driver stopped and the children boarded our coach.

We visited the famous “Christmas” Hutsul Ukrainian Church. We were some of the hundreds that had showed up. The church was unable to accommodate a fraction of those in attendance but that didn’t stop the droves from entering. The service lasted for hours so it wasn’t hard for church goers to spend a bit of time inside the church and then congregate outside with their friends, locals and tourists. We met other Canadians, Americans and Belgium’s who were watching the festivities as closely as we were. The locals were anxious to speak with us – they are so proud of their country, their customs and they thanked us many times for coming.

Lunch was at the social hub of the town – an interesting restaurant that was built in the round. White borsch, potatoe pancakes and homemade donuts were the highlights of this meal.

We stopped at a cemetery. I grabbed a few pictures. Most of the graves have benches or picnic tables adjacent as locals spend time in the cemeteries – family members will stop by with a picnic lunch or maybe to play cards as they wish to be close to those that have passed. Being Christmas candles were lit before mass at the graves and some people left little plates of food too.

Dinner was in Bukovel at a really cool restaurant thats themed after a mushroom. Ukrainians love their mushrooms! The Christmas Dinner they served was exceptional. There were so many courses. Everything was so delicious. I was sad to pass on the many layers of cream honey cake – everyone told me it was awesome. The horseradish vodka was a hit too!

When we arrived back to the hotel a Hutsul band was waiting to entertain us. They were terrific.

Christmas – its the most wonderful time of the year!

Our Ukraine Guide, Taras and our coach driver, “Uncle” Dave.

Ukraine Family Christmas Journey – Part 1

Ukraine Christmas Journey

January 3/2020

I am so enjoying the Christmas season. For me it started early and is ending late as this Ukraine tour itinerary is themed around the Eastern Orthodox Christmas. I am therefore getting to celebrate Christmas twice within a few weeks! Christmas is my favourite time of the year.

This tour is a boutique small group departure. It was purposely designed that way as we spend Christmas Eve in a family home so as you can imagine space is limited.

My group filled with repeat passengers (except for 1 newbie) met me at Toronto Pearson for our flight to Lviv, Ukraine. It is hard to believe that we are going to be elebrating Christmas when the outside January temps in Toronto are so spring like,

After we checked in for our flight and cleared security we gathered in the Plaza Premium lounge for food and beverages. Most of my passengers already know one another from past “Travel With Bradley” tours so this gathering was a true homecoming.

There was a bit of excitement when our flight to Montreal was delayed and then “cancelled” so I was very busy trying to come up with a quick solution. A very professional AC representative was ready to re-book us on another carrier but the two of us decided that it was worth trying to get us rebooked on the next Air Canada scheduled flight to Montreal. If it left and arrived on time there was a great chance we could make our connection with Lufthansa airlines. The Air Canada rep promised me that he would keep an eye on that new flight and if it was delayed at all he would make sure we didn’t board and he would rebook us with another carrier. Since our Air Canada booking was a “Travel With Bradley” group that gave us priority over individual travelers,

Luckily the flight ended up leaving on time and were able to make our connection to Munich. It was a bit of a hike to our gate in Montreal but we were quick. I even had a couple minutes to grab a Starbucks before boarding the flight.

We flew to Munich on a Lufthansa state-of-art A350-900. What a beautiful plane – spacious, oversize windows, modern washrooms.

Due to the winds our flight to Munich was relatively short – 6.5 hours and it was a very smooth crossing over the pond. Service was good and so was the main meal that they served us.

When we arrived in Munich it was a short distance to our connecting gate. They called the Lviv, Ukraine flight to board but minutes later they sent passengers back into the terminal because there was an issue with the plane. I was expecting a major delay but within a short period of time we boarded a smaller regional Lufthansa jet and were on our way to Lviv.

I was sitting in the emergency row so a flight attendant arrived to brief me and those around me on the protocol during an emergency. He soon learned that one of the ladies across from me could not speak English so she needed to be moved from the Emergency row. He asked another couple if they spoke English and after hearing “yes” he moved them into the Emergency row across from me. Seconds later he realized they were not fluent either…. It was a comedy of errors – he had to find another couple to fill those seats. He was getting frustrated.

Even though it was a relatively short 90 minute flight, along with beverages Lufthansa also served a hearty sandwich to us.

Gladly our luggage all arrived in Lviv. Taras (Terry) our local guide was wearing a “Travel With Bradley” polo shirt when he greeted us in the arrival hall. I know Taras and he is a terrific man – very caring and passionate about his country and Lviv, the city where he lives.

It was a 30 minute transfer to the hotel. We are traveling in a 33 seated coach for the duration of this tour. The views from the airport to the historic city centre are not overly exciting but Lviv’s city centre puts it on the map as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This is a very multicultural place. In the recent presidential election (when the comedian was elected), the majority of citizens of Lviv were the only ones in the entire country that as a majority voted against him.

The core of Lviv is an eccentric place. It’s filled with very “trendy” coffee shops (coffee is a big deal here), hip restaurants and many locally owned shops. Being its the Christmas Season there are 2 main Christmas markets just a couple minute walk from our hotel,

Considering Orthodox Christmas is around the corner, the streets were filled with locals and tourists who are celebrating and shopping,

Our hotel is the highest rated in the city,. The hotel rooms are oversize with high ceilings and they feature a large bathrooms. Touches like fresh roses in the rooms and chocolate truffles on the bed at turn down service help to attract a professional international crowd. The Governor General of Canada has stayed here along with many world dignitaries.

Since we didn’t arrive at our hotel until 3pm it didn’t make sense to take everyone to a restaurant for lunch as dinner was a few hours later so a nice selection of food was waiting in everyone’s room to hold us over.

Instead of resting up most of my passengers were excited to start strolling the beautiful streets of Lviv, The city centre surrounds the doorstep of our hotel. Within a short period of time I had purchased a number of quality mementos that I will be bringing home.

We all gathered at 530pm and Taras toured us around the core for an hour Christmas sights walk. The air was crisp and we could feel the excitement of Christmas. We even visited with Saint Nicholas. He asked if I had been good boy….

Dinner was in one of the most famous Polish/Ukrainian restaurants in the city. I don’t know how Taras our guide managed to get us a group reservation but we felt like VIP’s walking past the long line of people hoping to get a table. This restaurant holds a large number of people but the eccentric decorated dining rooms are relatively small so the experience is personable.

I think it’s fair to say that it would be difficult to top that dinner anywhere else in the world – it was that good! Our meal was a leisurely 3 hour affair – we enjoyed every minute. Platters of artistically placed appetizers were waiting on the table. On on table there was button that we pressed to call the waiter who was very professional. A large dinner salad was the next course – the salad dressing container contained the dressing along with some dry ice so when the waiter poured the dressing on the salad the cloudy presentation was exciting. The salad was filled with various flavors – one of the best Ive tasted anywhere. The main course consisted of spinach filled turkey rolls served with a lazy cook perogies (pasta noodle like but perogie flavor). A liquor shot arrived and we were in awe the way the waiter poured the shots We had a choice of menu when to selecting our dessert – most ordered either the cottage cheese cheesecake or sweet cheese filled perogies – both excellent choices.

When we left the restaurant the lineups of patrons hoping to enter were even longer than when we entered.

Our hotel was just steps away. Most headed to bed but I strolled another hour. The city was buzzing. The venues were all full and the Christmas Markets were colourful and lively.

I feel asleep quickly but woke up in the middle of the night (jet lag) so I took advantage of that time to write this blog post. Hope you are enjoying! You really should be with us,,,,